The Super Spectacular Seahorse

Macey Moser


A male seahorse starts to wiggle and squirm. Hundreds to thousands of baby seahorses come swimming out of an opening on the male's belly. This is an important part of the seahorse's life cycle. The seahorse is an extraordinary marine animal that has a unique diet, life cycle, and body structure. This outstanding organism has many amazing qualities that make it its own.


A flash of brown darts behind a curtain of seaweed, hoping to not be spotted by one of its predators, the crab. The enemy snaps his mighty claws, hoping to snag the sneaky seahorse as a meal. Fortunately for the seahorse, it blends in so well with the seaweed, and rocks that it is undetectable! The seahorse is a magnificent specimen of the water and sea, and as an amazing diet, an extraordinary body structure, and a unique life cycle. Making this fish dolphinately stand out from the other fish in the sea ( I’m not even squidding).

Think Tank

In the Think Tank workshop, I had to present information about my topic animal in a fun and creative way. Read this fun comic to learn about the seahorse's predators and prey!
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Go Fish

This fun math workshop involved buying g a fish tank, fish, and decor, adding up the prices (and the tax) to come up with your final answer. The only catch is to be under a budget of $250.00 and you can only buy a 20 gallon tank. Read my summary to see what I spent in all, what kinds of fish I got, how much I spent on decor, and what decor I got my fish.

Summary of Go Fish

I am so excited to "have" a new fish tank! I chose two puffer fish, two upside down catfish, and one black ghost knife fish. I spent $154.53 in total. I will need twenty gallons of water to support my five fabulous fish. This was one of my favorite projects in Math this year! I spent $40.25 on my fish,and $114.28 on my supplies and decor. I even got my fish a Nile Crocodile skull to swim in, a temple to sleep in, and nice red grass to hide in! Thank you!

Chef's Corner

This is a fun project I did in Family Life about an Australian dish called Whichetty grubs. Read on to find out about the history of Whichetty grubs, when they were used, who used them, where they are found, and what they are.
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This underwater diorama focused on many creatures in the big blue, my topic animal being the seahorse. Test your underwater knowledge and see if you can name all of the organisms in my shoe box diorama. Good luck!
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See how seahorses move and socialize with each other!
Seahorses Socializing - Active Playful Pretty Captive Bred