Poetry Poems

By Bo Edwards

Cinquain Poem




Can get hurt alot



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Color Poem

Green is a tractor in a field .

Green is a go on with life.

Green smells like green eggs and ham.

Green tastes like apples in the spring.

Green sounds like a parrot talking.

Green looks like a field of grass.

Green feels like tree branch.

Green makes me happy when I see it.

Green is life forever.


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Personification Poem

I am snow.

Racing down to the ground.

I cover the ground with white.

I make things freeze like a pond and,grass.

One thing I make things fun.

I am snow.


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Makes Me Think Of Poem

Winter makes me think of snow.

Snow makes me think of sledding.

Sledding makes me think of fun.

Fun makes me think of snow mans.

Snow mans make me think of friends.

Friends make me think of family.

Family makes me think of winter.


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Ode Poem

Ducks so beautiful to me.

You make me happy when I'm down.

Your so fun to watch in life.

Beautifulest sounds to me.

Unique colors in the world.

I love to see you fly.

What I love must of all is that you are nice to each other.

Once again you are my favorite animals.


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Limerick Poem

My friend likes to read books.

I like to read cookbooks, so I can cook.

He hates to bake.

I love to bakecake.

So I think he is a crook.


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Rhyme scheme

There was once a boy.

Who liked to fight.

He did not like to play with toys,

Until it was night.

I think he was mean.


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Blazon Poem

My eye barrels are like a deers body.

My hands are as big as a bears claws.

My legs are as big as a horses.

My eyes are like grass.

My hair is like ths sun.

My body is like the land.

My feet are like the rocks on earth.

I am a planet with living things on it.

I am earth.


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Exaggeration Poem

My dog is smarter than your dog.

My dog does 100 questions a morning.

He reads 5 chapter books a day.

Sometimes he counts to a million.

When he is bored, he writes poems.

He can draw about anything.

Loves to do science experiment's in the spring.

Likes to learn about earths ecosystems.

When it comes to history, he knows it all.

History is easy for him to learn.

He loves it all, math, reading, history, science.

Once again my dog is smarter than your dog.


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