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Mange or scabies

Mange or scabies Mange or scabies



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Who is Kyle Leon - Mange or scabies is a skin condition that is caused by the mite Surplus scabies, a small (spidery) insect that digs burrows into the skin and cause itching all over the body. This is done by the females of this parasite. They dig burrows to resolve this. Epidermis with elimination of Then they eat it "dissolved" skin and leave droppings behind. In those passages they leave their eggs after which after 2 to 4 days larvae hatch. These larvae develop into nymphs, which become in turn after several molts into adult mites.

Excrement, the corridors and the mite itself, cause an allergic reaction, which explains the itch.

It is very contagious. You can get it through sexual contact, but also through sharing clothes and bedding.

Scabies is an ancient disease that was after the Second World War largely disappeared from our region. But lately he them again, especially in care for the disabled and elderly Also in child care homes, schools and sheltered workshops and even in hospitals there would be an increase in the number of cases.

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Main symptom is itching all over the body, especially in the evening and at night, when the mite is active. Even small vesicles are uncommon in some places where the mite is preferably ends, between the fingers, wrists, foot edge, ankle and instep, but also armpit, navel, the inner thighs, penis and around the nipples.

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