Déjà Vu Again

Emma Barr

Why I chose this topic...

Déjà Vu has always been interesting to me. Personally, I experiance the feeling of déjà vu all the time. My family tells me I am crazy, so studying it could help me fight my case at home. Knowing where the feeling roots from can help me understand why I have these feelings. I can also inform my family that I am not crazy but just remembering a familiar situation that my mind recognizes.
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Déjà Vu

Dévà Vu , a french term meaning already seen, is when you have an odd feeling that you have already experienced that situation but know you never have. It is very hard to study because it occurs briefly and unannounced. Some people don't experience it at all.

What happens in the brain?

The hippocampus is able to conciuosly recall events. The parahippocampal gyrus enables us to determine what's familiar and what isn't. In déjà vu sometimes our brains get things mixed up and we believe we have seen or been in the same situation before.
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The Research & Psychologist

Emile Boirac ,a psychic, was the first to use the word Deja Vu in his writing. Sigmund Frued theorized that these experiences resulted from repressed desires or memories related to a stressful event that people could no longer access as regular memory.
Anne Cleary, Anthony Ryals, and Jason Nomi ran an experiment and wrote the Psychonomic Bulletin and Review that states people have good memory for objects. They showed people several drawings and they were to study them. Then they showed the same people another group of drawings and asks them if they had seen them before. None of the drawings where the same but because the people recognized the layout and some of the object in the picture, they believed they had seen it before. They also prove we are not so good at retrieving a memory on only the configuration of objects. Meaning our brains will get a feeling of knowing but not a specific memory. Scientist also do Functional MRI (fMRI) where people judge the familiarity of faces and buildings from those of unknown, a change in the temporal lobe occurs.

Interesting facts

Many believe deja vu happens when a memory leaks out at the wrong time, so you remember a random thing that could go along with your everyday life. Parapsychologist believe it links with memories and situations of past lives. It is very hard for scientist to study because it happens to almost everyone and is not a medical condititon.