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December 2014

Happy Holidays to you and your family! I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and I wish you JOY for the upcoming season. Sometimes with the hustle and the bustle and the deadline for gifts we need a little lift. I love a little aroma therapy to lift the mood at my house. Holiday Joy smells absolutely wonderful. Also at this time of year we tend to have decreased immune systems. We are using Onguard many times a day at my house.

This month I have packed this newsletter full of articles on Frankincense! Matthew 2:11 says “And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they opened their treasures, they presented him with gifts ; gold and frankincense, and Myrrh.” In all my life, I never understood the value of these gifts that the Wisemen brought to the Lord Jesus Christ upon his birth. It is easy to understand the value of gold but until I started learning about essential oils I couldn’t understand the value of a plants in history. In historic times this would have been the only source of medicine. While Frankinscense is currently being studied, at this point Essential Oils can not be sold for the treatment or prevention of any disease. I find it fascinating, that Frankincense was of great value in history, enough to bring to the Christ Child.

In November I attended a corporate dōTERRA event with VP and dōTERRA founder Emily Write, where I leaned about the harvesting of Frankincense. The men that live in the field for months hand scoring the trees, and the ladies that separate their plants using their teeth before it is sent for distillation. Pasted at the bottom of this newsletter is a letter that Emily Write sent out to high ranking dōTERRA advocates. It is amazing the good work that dōTERRA is doing in the world.

Take advantage of the special this month. Purchase 200 pv and receive a free bottle of Frankincense. Stock up on things you always use, think ahead to the New Year and your New Years Resolution. Will you be shaving off a few pounds, participating in a cleanse? Are you considering gifting these great gifts this Holiday? I have some great suggestions listed below.

I hope you enjoy all the articles I have gathered. I am praying for each of you to have Good Health this Holiday and for the New Year!

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A letter from Emily Wright, VP of Leadership Development regarding Frankincense

November 2014

I understand that some of you are seeking clarification regarding dōTERRA's frankincense source. This is a topic I have become extremely passionate about because of the difference we have made in the lives of the harvesters over the last year.

Prior to 2014, dōTERRA touted having exclusivity from a particular producer of frankincense sourced from Oman. At that point in time, we partnered with a collector of frankincense who worked with a master distiller. He claimed the frankincense he offered was sourced from Oman, but we wanted to know for certain.

The historical frankincense profiles on record at the time we birthed dōTERRA made it difficult to clearly identify the exact species of frankincense because the properties of Boswellia frereana, carterii, and sacra all have similar components. There has never been defined clarity in this regard until recently, thanks to the work of Dr. Robert Pappas.

Because dōTERRA is committed to working direct with our growers and distillers, we began researching to know where frankincense is grown and who is harvesting it. There are many claims, but in order to know for ourselves, it required a trip to Somalia against all travel warnings. What we discovered while we were there offered great opportunity to not only work directly with the harvesters of the precious frankincense tears but to also empower the people of an economically suppressed country.

We quickly learned that the majority of the world's frankincense, particularly Boswellia frereana and carterii, is grown in Somalia. Oman produces a much lesser quantity of Boswellia sacra but very little frereana and carterii. For thousands of years, frereana and carterii tears have been transported by ship to Oman, but grown and harvested in Somalia.

Through careful analysis, we have identified that all three frankincense species are found in our oil with carterii being the main component and sacra present in very minimal amounts. This likely occurs during the tear grading process. The grade selection is imperative when it comes to the quality. We source grade 1 resin tears. It is the therapeutic chemical profile that makes dōTERRA's frankincense superior to any other frankincense in the marketplace, which has much to do with the grading process. Using lower grade tears that contain dust and debris would result in a lower quality oil that would offer less than optimal health benefits.

Only the best for dōTERRA!

While Dave and I were in Somalia, we were blessed to meet with key government officials, particularly the Minister of Import/Export. We also met with tribal chiefs who represent the people from areas where the frankincense trees grow. Our goal was to return home with a contract that would permit us to not only ensure the supply chain of one of our most precious oils but to also offer a better life for the harvesters of frankincense. Our hearts were filled with gratitude as our commitment to these beautiful people was accepted and an agreement was formed.

dōTERRA is now working direct with frankincense harvesters in Somaliland and Puntland. No longer do we have to work through a 3rd party. This year, we paid the harvesters 4.5 X the highest price they have ever been compensated for their labor. I received an email last week from one of the tribal chiefs we met with. He said their country has been blessed since our visit, and his people received more money for their labor this year than they have made in their lifetime. My heart soared!

We began building a school for the children of harvesters in Somaliland this month. They live in a very rural area. The school will have flushing toilets and running water and will even teach English. Completion is scheduled for Spring 2015! This is the first of many projects we will do for the Somalian people who provide us with such a vital essential oil. I can't imagine my life without frankincense.

As you can see, knowledge brings power. The knowledge of the true source of frankincense has allowed us to empower many lives...those who benefit from the sacred oil of the ancients as well as those who harvest and protect these majestic trees. I love the good dōTERRA is creating all over the world...and we're just getting warmed up.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I consider you a huge blessing in my life. Thank you for your friendship and all you do to make the world a better place

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