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Quarter 2 Science Zone Trainings

Science Zone trainings have concluded for Quarter 2. Thank you to the site curriculum specialists who worked hard to plan and facilitate productive trainings.
Super Science Cohort2
Pictures from Quarter 2 Zone Trainings

Play movies to see pictures from Science Zone Cohorts.

Science Cohort 2 PICTURES

Updates and Announcements

Science Performance Tasks are available for everyone to access. You may download Science Performance Tasks in the R&E Performance Tasks Canvas Course here or the Curriculum and Professional Development Course here. Anchor Papers will be posted in the R&E Performance Tasks Canvas Course as soon as they are available. Please contact Ana Garcia or Melanie Brown for support with calibration process of Science Performance Tasks.

Upcoming Science Zone Trainings (PSEUDO 53955)

SUB-REASON: Conference

2/11/15 Science Zone 1A (BVH, SYH, SUH) @ SUH

2/11/15 Science Zone 1B (BVM, GJ, NCM) @ PDC
2/12/15 Science Zone 2A (CPH, ELH, MVH, OPTIONS) @ MVH
2/12/15 Science Zone 2B (CPM, ELM, MVA) @ MVA
2/17/15 Science Zone 3A (CVH, MOH, ORH) @ ORH
2/17/15 Science Zone 3B (CVM, MOM, RDM) @ RDM
2/18/15 Science Zone 4A (HH, OLH, SOH, PAH) @ SOH
2/18/15 Science Zone 4B (HTM, SOM, ALTA VISTA)@ HTM

Contact: Ana Garcia or Melanie Brown

Science Opportunities and Other

See below for upcoming science conferences and other opportunities for professional development.

Project GUTS Online Professional Development Course

With support from the Google CS4HS program, Santa Fe Institute’s Project GUTS: Growing Up Thinking Scientifically is offering a free online course focused on teacher professional development in computer modeling and simulation.

This course was designed for middle and high school teachers interested in learning how to integrate computer science concepts and practices within the context of earth, life, and physical science classes. The Project GUTS modules infuse computational thinking into science classes by engaging students in using, modifying, and creating computer models and conducting scientific investigations using their computer models as experimental test beds.

"There are no prerequisites for the course and no prior programming experience is required.”

For more information and to register, please go to:


San Diego Science Educators Association Conference February 1, 2015 at Grossmont College

Be a Presenter at the SDSEA Science Conference!

The new Next Generation Science Standards have brought with them a renewed interest in attending conferences—a very positive sign! Networking and sharing best practices with our colleagues now becomes more important than ever as we design and implement novel lessons for a new, Next Generation of students who are capable of applying their science/engineering knowledge to solve future problems.

We would like to invite you as a science educator who has creative, innovative lessons to share your knowledge with your colleagues at the San Diego Science Educators Association Conference on February 1, 2015 at Grossmont College. Last year, over 500 science educators from throughout San Diego County attended over 75 sessions by local presenters at the SDSEA conference. Be a presenter—get free registration and recognition by your colleagues!

Have an idea but have never presented?? Talk to Melanie Brown, Ana Garcia, or Steve Rodecker for help…

Or simply go to and follow the presenter link.
Student Highlight

Congratulations to SHREYA RANGANATH from BVM!

Congratulations to SHREYA RANGANATH from BVM!

Great news! One of our 7th grade science fair students was selected for Broadcom Science Fair, and is semifinalist. If she gets picked as a finalist, she goes to Washington DC with her project. Thank you to Carla Cardenas, Science teacher from BVM, for all of her support. Click the Student Highlight button above to read more.
Teacher Highlight

Congratulations to Terri Martin, Science teacher from HTM. Great Job!

Terri Martin, Science Teacher from HTM

Ms. Martin was featured in GIZMOS for the Educator Spotlight. Terri likes that Gizmos give students a virtual lab experience, and are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. “I have found a Gizmo to go with each performance expectation taught in the fall. I have started to search Gizmos for second semester, and my only problem is that there are too many good ones to choose from.” Click on the Teacher Highlight button above to read more.
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Students and GIZMOS!

Thank you Mr. Macias for sharing pictures of your students using GIZMOS!

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District Science Contacts

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Volume 2, Issue 2, December 1, 2014