sake of the Israeli Jews

By: jayla Thomas

Oh Jews

lord bless the poor Jews of all that they been through. The reason that I think the Jews should remain in Israel is because they have been through a lot and the Palistiens should just except that the Jews are there.

Justice can only exist with peace, and peace can only exist with principled leadership. On this issue His Holiness has demanded justice on both fronts.

Since Israel's creation nearly seven decades ago, the world has witnessed the same violence again and again. Several peace treaties and efforts have gone by yet we stand no closer to peace. I think the Jews are grateful for living their but those selfish Palistiens cannot accept the greatness neither peace. The Palistiens could think of their selves as heroes instead of people that just want to be selfish. They have to think about others than think about their selves all the time. Think about the land in Israel there is enough land for them all. Just think about some of the successors the Jews are they could work together for things like doctor,lawyers,and many more.the GDP could go up and so could there literacy rate If only the Palistiens could tag along. This concludes why the Jews are better were they are now safe and sound in Isreal.

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