Constitutional Convention

Adrieanne Covey

What is the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention was set in Philadelphia in 1787. The intended purpose was to make adjustments to the Articles of Confederation. Many of the people attending were actually thinking about starting a new government. By the end of the convention they created the U.S. Constitution.

Virginia Plan

The Virginia Plan favored bigger states. The focus of the Virginia plan was to get votes based off of population. Slaves would count as 3/5th of a vote each. It was drafted by James Madison.

New Jersey Plan

Each state had the same number of votes despite population. They did not want larger states to run the government. This plan was thought up by William Paterson.


The convention's main problems were that large states and small states could not agree on how to be represented. Larger states wanted representatives to be based on population, while smaller states wanted one representative per state. No one knew that they were creating a new government all together, they were supposed to just be adjusting the one they had.