Odyssey Project

By: Jazmane Walker

Why He's a Hero

I believe that Odysseus Is a heroic figure because he stood up to Cyclopes. When he was trapped in a cave and he came up with a plan. An example is "Then I formed a courageous plan to steal up to home." This shows He had courage even if he didn't survive.


Odysseus took a risk on him and his crew to fool the Cyclopes. "Cyclops you asked me my name, and I wil tell it:give me afterwards a guest gift as you promised. My name is Nobody. Nobody, My father, mother,and Friends call me."

Geting Out

He was on the bottom of the sheep about to get out when stopped. "My lam went lst, burdened by the weight of his fleece, and me and my teeming thoughts. And as he felt its back, mighty Polyphemus spoke to him:"