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2nd highest powerball in history

Mega Millions officials have confirmed the rise of a massive jackpot to $636,000,000. This is the second largest in history, tailing the $656,000,000 jackpot last year. What some people have said:

  • Arnold Kipnis of Richmond, VA: I would use it to move closer to my grandmother in Colorado.
  • Devon Straus of Wytheville, VA: I would go to Hawaii with all that money.
  • Harry Gantz: I would donate to various charities.
  • Urjit Samkha of Manassas, VA: I won't win, but if I did, I would give some to the BP in Crozet, VA, when I drove past it coming home from vacation in W.V.a.
  • Jason DeAldegraff of Woodstock, VA: It would be amazing if I won. I would move to the one place I want to go to: San Luis Obispo, CA.

Reporting by Don Houston.

We now turn to our Winchester correspondent Wilma Williams:

"Hi everybody. The local gas station has been swamped, and extra cashiers were put on duty and an officercame to supervise all the activity."

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NFL Scores

  • December 12: Chargers Vs. Broncos, Broncos win
  • December 15: Bears Vs. Browns, Bears win
  • December 15: Texans Vs. Colts, Colts win
  • December 15: Panthers Vs. Jets, Panthers win
  • December 15 49ers Vs. Buccaneers, 49ers win
  • December 15: Bills Vs. Jaguars, Bills win
  • December 15: Seahawks Vs. Giants, Seahawks win
  • December 16: Ravens Vs. Lions, Ravens win