Pitcairn Island

Tropical Paradise

The Physical Features of the Island

The island is a spectacular place of paradise. The tropical climate is perfect for a place of vacation. The coral reefs and rocky terrain makes the Pitcairn Islands unique. The weather throughout the year is is rainy, humid, and hot. But what can you expect from a tropical island
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On the island you are able to go site seeing. The area has a lot of animal species to look at. Also you are able to go boating out to the ocean and fish or just relax on the boat. If you are up for scuba diving you can swim with the fish and other sea creatures.

The recommended time to go

May is the perfect month of the year to go. The skies are the clearest in that month which means little rain. The clear skies give you all the sunshine you will ever need to give you that wonderful tropical tan you have been wanting.