Academic Student Support Services

How adult learners use online resources to achieve success

Phoenix Connect

PhoenixConnect is an academically-focused social network serving the University of Phoenix community. This tool allows students to connect with other students and faculty in order to explore specific topics within organized communities and groups in order to enhance their learning experience. Since adult learners are self-directed, and experience-based, the PhoenixConnect tool is a great way for students to use their experiences to allow others to gain knowledge and find creative ways to achieve in their chosen courses of study. Self-direction comes into play when learners are free to choose which communities they want to join, as well as deciding which topics to discuss.

Center for Writing Excellence

The Center for Writing Excellence is an area where students can utilize various resources to help develop their written communication skills. Students can get live assistance, utilize grammar review tools, as well as check their documents for plagiarism. This resource aids adult learners with filling in the gaps. Adult learners are more ready to learn when they perceive the need to know something in order to perform more effectively. The writing tools help accomplish that goal, which makes itself an ideal resource for adult learners.

Other Student Resources and How They Help

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Students can access business and technology tutorials using the Skillsoft library
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Virtual Organizations allow students to apply learned theories to real-world problems
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Student labs are available for students to collaborate

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April 7, 2014

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