Beech Class

Week of January 4

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Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful winter break!

Some notes:

Please make sure book baggies come back and forth to school each day!

Rasha and Madeleine were out on Friday. Lila and Kalimah spent the day with Beech class. The kids wrote this about the day, "On Friday, it was a messy but fun exploration! We picked cards that had movements. We picked our jobs for the bread museum at Compass."

Beech Class will become the Beech Bread Museum this Tuesday, from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. Come see what the class has learned about bread and try some samples!


Madeleine and Rasha

Word Work

Kids used shaving cream to practice writing letters this week. Some other new materials for letter writing/sound practice were also introduced this week. We learned the Sounds in Motion movement for the letter/sound M. We created a class book with each child creating a page showing something starting with the M sound.

Children also practiced recognizing sight words in a snap. Words we looked at this week included: I, a, the, like, my and go. Children cut out their own practice cards for sight words. You should see them in your child's book baggy!

At home: practice the sight word cards that come home until children can recognize the words automatically. Ask children if they can find the words in their book baggy books! Ask your child to show you Sounds in Motion movements for the sounds/letters M, T, S, F, G, D, C and L.

Exploration Time

What a change we've seen at Exploration! Children are planning more and working in more detailed and thoughtful ways. More and more writing has shown up in different centers, with children writing for many purposes. Some children are creating books. Others are using writing to share information. Children in the block area stayed all week and worked on a new rock show. In play dough, Sasha was inspired to write and perform a song using a play dough guitar. See the video below!

At home: Ask what choices your child has been making at exploration time. Ask what your child's plans are for exploration time this week.

Other work this week:

Math: Children counted the letters in their names and compared them to each other. We learned that Guillermo has the longest name of all the kids, but that Madeleine's name has exactly the same number of letters! The shortest names in our class have four letters.

Writing: We are working in a new unit called Writing for Readers. Children will be writing true stories from their lives. Our focus will be using strategies for recording the words of the story so they can be read back. We will be encouraging children to plan their stories by telling the story and sketching the pictures, use letter sounds they know to write words, write words they know "in a snap," leave spaces between words, and reread frequently.

Reading: We reviewed strategies readers use in different kinds of books and added sight word cards to the children's book baggies. Children will begin guided reading this week, working in small groups focused on specific strategies and concepts about print. At home: Make time for children read from their book baggies every evening. When children are reading, try not to make corrections for them. We want children to be catching their own mistakes and trying to fix them. When children are reading, you can ask, "Did that make sense?" "Did that sound right?"

Songwriting in Beech Class