The americans have captured the island known as "Iwo Jima"


A U.S. soldier, John Morison, has a hard time fighting the through the trenches and caves of the Imperial Forces. At points he would have to sleep in foxholes while artillery shells and hand grenades go off all around him and at any moment he could die. That did not stop John from fighting against enemy forces even in the worst times because he knew what hi job was, and that was to protect America but more importantly, save the world from domination.

International Event

The Americans landed on Iwo Jima February 1945, about 23,000 Japanese army and navy troops were determined to drive the U.S. Forces off the island at all cost. The Japanese fought with an extensive network of caves, dugouts, tunnels, and underground installations. After a month of fighting U.S. Forces were able to wipe out all of the defending Japanese troops and capture the island.

Opinion Peice

To me, the battle of Iwo Jima was one of the more important ones. Because without it The Japanese could never win World War II , and the U.S. Forces being able to capture the island put the U.S. a big step ahead in the war