Rau, Alex-3rd Hr

Wind Energy

1. Wind is found all through out the earth in the sky and is able to make energy if used right.

2. Warm air expands and rises while cold air condenses and sinks, hence resulting the flow of air forming wind.

3. Wind is used to make energy, you have to set up a wind turbine to spin a generator to form energy, but this does not form a lot of energy.

4. Wind is the flow of gases, and is caused by differences in air pressure.

5. Wind turbines are usually on land but due to new technology they are in the water since water is always over the sea.(picture below)

This is a picture of wind turbines on water. (below)

More effective.

Big image
Big image
Wind turbine on land. (above)

Less effective.

How wind turbines work...
How wind turbines work inside. (above)