My Code of Ethics

Alissa Murnane


I show honesty by:

  • Telling others the truth
  • Confessing to something I did wrong
  • If someone asks me for my opinion I give them my honest opinion

Responsibility Towards My Family

I show responsibility towards my family by:

  • Being reliable
  • Doing what I've been asked to do
  • Keeping my promises


I show confidentiality by:

  • Not sharing information that is given to me
  • Being able to keep a secret


I show integrity by:

  • Following the rules, even if no one is there to see it
  • Treat others fairly and kindly
  • Being unbiased

Responsibility to Myself

I show responsibility to myself by:

  • Doing all my work
  • Doing the best of my ability in anything I do
  • Fall through on my promises

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