M.J McIsaac


Nick Carver was always jealous of his brother Marcus, he was always better at lacrosse, he was the team all star. Nick was also jealous because he has a crush on Marcus's girl friend. It was all good until Marcus got caught cheating, his girl friend was Adding time on the score board to give him more time to score, this put his scholarship to risk. Nick had to figure out how to get his brother back into the school.

List of Characters

Nick Carver

Marcus Carver

Marcus's girlfriend

Coaches from prep school

Character analysis for nick

Trait 1


Because he always saying how Marcus was always better at lacrosse, and he is crushing of his girlfriend.

Trait 2


He helped his brother find out how to get Marcus back into the school.


"We threw our bags in the car as i got a whiff of sausage, and lemons." This Quote shows how nick has a good personality.


If you cheat you'll never succeed, by working hard like nick did to get the scholarship back you will achieve your dreams

Important events

Marcus got caught cheating at one of his games because his girlfriend would change the time to give him more time to score. This was the turning point in the story.


Younger boys age 10-15 that love sports. if you know how lacrosse is played its a very fun and enjoyable read. girls would not really enjoy this book.