Suburban Sprawl

By: Jordan, Adam,Zach

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1.The two main issues with our topic are Auto-Oriented and Low-Density

2.The negative effects on the enviorment are Low-Denisty because it's a haphazard development spiriling outward of the urban areas.

3.The main regions effected by suburban sprawl are outside of big citys.

4.The wildlife that is effected by suburban sprawl are deer,birds and Insects.

5.Wildlife is affected by power plants and global warming.

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6.Suburban sprawl does not affect us because we live in the center of the city and it could not reach us because it is on the outermost of the city.

7.People are affected by this because the people on the outermost of the city are closer to suburban sprawl.

8.People and construction cause suburban sprawl.

9.There is no solution to suburban sprawl.

10.Our solution that we think is to tear the buildings down.