Это вкусно! - Module12

November 17, пятница - READ ALL important information below

Next week

  • Next week is Thanksgiving. Our online school works on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday is a day off.
  • This means that we will have conversation sessions on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week.
  • I have opened Module 13 for those who want to work ahead if you travel or have plans for Thanksgiving weekend.

Что делать в пятницу?

  • We are finishing Module 12 today. We will continue talking about food next week.
  • You have a recording assignment today, located in Module 12. I encourage you not to put it off. If you attended your conversation sessions and practiced with my announcements you should be able to say all the sentences needed for the assignment. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need help with sentences. I am here to help.
    Remember: you have to post sentences and the recording.
  • I have also added a short (six questions) feedback assignment Update on You in Module 12. It is worth 10 points. Your feedback is important for us as we are looking to improve our course.
  • Grades: Maker sure you know your grades. Work to turn in missing work.
  • If text me please remember to mention who you are. I had to clean my phone and removed all the previous messages.

Bonus Opportunity

Cook Russian blini this weekend (use my recipe or the one in the link below) and send me a picture of you and your blini with the comments how it tasted. I will give 10 bonus points.

Russian blini link

Big image

Great job to Kelsey and Milana who already posted sentences with the recordings! I am so excited to listen to your recording and hear how your pronunciation gets improved.

Need to reach your teacher

On the image: Moscow, Russia, near Red Square.

The images in this announcement are taken by instructor