4th Grade News

Mrs. Gilley

Dates to Know:

11/11-Monday at 8:30 we have the Veterans' Day Assembly at 8:30.

11/13-Picture Retake day

11/15 Midterm grades go home.

11/17-22-American Education Week

11/27-29 No School for Thanksgiving

What We Are Learning:


This past week we have been focusing on 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication. We are now going to be focusing on applying that to word problems and getting quick at the algorithm. We will also be looking at how to use an array to help solve a 2 digit by 1 digit number. Now that we have started multi-digit multiplication that kids have started to see why it is so important to know multiplication facts. We are working more on it at school, but I ask that you please work with them at home. It only takes 5 minutes a night. Thanks for your help.


We are still focusing on persuasive text. The students will be choosing a topic this next week to try and persuade their reader.


Last week, Mrs. Dwyer came in and taught us about asking questions when reading. We are focusing on not only asking the right there questions, but questions that take our thinking deeper when we read. This next week, we are going to be deciding importance when we read. We are going to be reading about the Titanic. Students will also be focusing on thinking about what is important to them, and what the author is wanting you to think is important. While their thinking is important, students have to remember on the MAP test that there is only one right answer.

Social Studies

We are still learning about Missouri's role in westward expansion. The students are really excited to learn about "the olden days" as they call it.

Top 5 List

1. We learned 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication.

2. We made a "Thanksgiving" tree.

3. We started math stations.

4. We learned some about Missouri history.

5. We learned the prefix bio.

Word List

Vocabulary Definitions

post – after or behind

postdate -to put a date on that is later than the actual date

postscript -a comment, note, or thought written after the letter is finished (p.s.)

postgraduate -a person who takes a class after he or she has already graduated

postpone -to do something at a time or date after it was originally planned

postmark -a mark printed across a stamp after it is received by the post office

postmeridian -taking place after noon (p.m.)

postwar -after a war

postnasal -behind the nose