Crack the Code

Learn Coding Through Play

Where it all began...

We started by messing around with some toys...

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Year One

  • jumped into iPad apps and Cubelets
  • small group guided discoveries of both
  • lots of discussion on what was happening (both among teachers and students)
  • small group experimented with teaching PK students

We realized the toys weren't the most important thing...

Year Two

  • started with logic: giving directions, how-to books
  • "programming" a robot friend (see link below)
  • playing hand games
  • Dance Party!

The important thing was the mindset and thinking!

Year Three

  • started with problem solving; trial and error
  • tasks that require perseverance - classroom inventions
  • naming their thinking - students said what was challenging, what they found easy
  • writing how-to books
  • block building - both free play and structured tasks
  • regular reflection - both through video blogs and painted journals

We felt the important thing was to build the habits of mind BEFORE introducing coding!

Vocabulary such introduced and used through all activities:

- sequence

- persevere

- challenge yourself!

- problem solve

Questions we continue to ask on a regular basis:

- What did you decide to do differently?

- Why did you make that choice?

- What would you do differently next time?

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Invention Reflection

Now it's your turn - can you make a code for others to follow?
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The Presenters

Eve Eaton @EveGEaton

Jenni Swanson Voorhees @jsvoorhees