Party Of The Democratic Revolution

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  • Founded on May 5th,1989 by Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, Heberto Castillo, Marco Rascon Cordova, Gilberto Rincon Gallardo, and Porfirio Munoz Ledo.
  • Unification of the Mexican Communist Party, Unified Socialist Party of Mexico, Socialist Mexican Party, and the Mexican Workers' Party.
  • Reputation of honesty unmatched
  • True to Democratic-Socialism

Party Platform

"SOCIAL DEMOCRACY is a political ideology that officially has as its goal the establishment of democratic socialism through reformist and gradualist methods." - Wikipedia

The PRD promotes economic nationalism against the forces of neoliberal foreign mercantilism. We oppose ecclesiastical, agrarian, and electoral system reforms. Our party is recognized as the national opposition party. Our greatest rival is PDI because their name is too similar to ours.

We are allied with the Broad Progressive Front to promote our ideals of proletariat society.

Popular Support

  1. 20% Representation in Chamber of Deputies
  2. 100 Chamber of Deputies Seats
  3. 22 Senate Seats
  4. Govern 4 States
  5. Control of 14 Federal Districts