Digital Text Marketing

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Automate Your Marketing

Marketing automation lowers customer acquisition costs while increasing revenue by automating the capture, warming and delivery of sales-ready leads to Sales. As a result, sales cycles are shortened, loyalty and sales volumes increased. By streamlining the sales process, real-time sales opportunities can be identified and acted on. Marketing and Sales form a stronger partnership; Marketing engages the buyer in the early stages of the buying cycle and revitalizes dormant leads to push them down the sales funnel.

Who We Are

With over 17 years’ experience in acquisition and retention strategies, processes and programs, Gabrielle Hailmann, @ghailmann the founder of Digital Text Marketing, has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise from Canada’s industry leaders. With her passion for helping businesses improve their sales performance she has participated in the evolution of demand and lead generation.

Observing the changes the Internet has on buyers’ behaviour has spawned the interest and highlighted the need to support newly created businesses and well established organizations by offering proven strategies and cost effective tools in order for these businesses to compete locally and globally.

Digital Text Marketing will build on Gabrielle’s success as a Marketer; the expertise on what drives customers to buy within the era of modern marketing. Embracing changes to how consumers, educate, entertain and socialize, Digital Text Marketing will provide lead strategies and cost-effective tools to create demand and deliver sales for growing businesses.