Sixth Grade Band Bulletin

December Edition


Dear Parents

I am so proud of the students for the performance last week. To say that they have accomplished a lot in the first 4 months of school is an understatement. I wish you could have heard the first few weeks! The students have really taken off this year, and that performance was proof. I am very excited about what the next several months will bring as they continue to grow as musicians and people!

The music will be challenging both musically and intellectually. Some of the music for the next big performance will be taught using the CMP model. CMP stands for comprehensive musicianship through performance. Started in the State of Wisconsin about 38 years ago, the CMP model is now being used by several teachers in Illinois and beyond. In the CMP model, I have picked three main outcomes for a particular piece in which the students will master. One outcome is a skill outcome--this is directly related to the students' mastery of their instrument. It could include articulating, tone building, improvising, breathing techniques, or new/challenging rhythms. Next, there is a Knowledge outcome. This outcome can be related to a musical concept like form, tonality (major vs. minor vs modal), or it could relate to the historical or cultural significance of the piece. This is often where other classes like social studies, math, language arts, or even science are referenced. The third outcome is an Affect Outcome. The affect outcome relates to how students emotionally relate to the music. It can also relate to their values and how those values relate to the music. For example, one of our affective outcomes relates to music's role in bringing a community together for a common cause. I'm excited that the students' growth and understanding of these pieces will go well "beyond the notes." Most of those pieces will be handed out in January/early February.

This edition will have some information about upcoming events. I wish you and your family the wonderful holiday season.


Rob Buckley


Students currently caught up or ahead on GLE's are STRONGLY encouraged to perform a solo at our Solo/Ensemble Festival. This is a FANTASTIC for your child to improve on his/her instrument. Please visit our sign-up page here to register. Wednesday is the last day to register, though we will take registrations as late as Friday. Students who register before Friday will get music this week!

The Solo/Ensemble Festival is Saturday, February 7, 2015. For more information, please refer to the Solo/Ensemble page found in the band program or the one emailed home

Upcoming Due Dates/Quiz Dates

12/17/14: Solo/Ensemble Registration is Due

12/19/14: VERY Last Day Solo/Ensemble registration entries will be accepted

12/19/14: ALL instruments go home for the holiday break.

1/5/15: School Resumes (there will be Technique Classes in place of GLE lessons--ONE LESSON FOR GLE'S WILL REMAIN FOR THE 3rd UNIT. IT WILL BE JANUARY 12-16.

1/16/15: 3rd GLE Unit Due (all students will have had 4 lesson opportunities)

1/16/15: "Scenes of Russia" Music Quiz 1 Due (can be sent via Chromebook)

1/20/15-1/24/15: Scale Tests in lessons (F, Bb, Eb, Ab Scales in one take)--WW students who play two octave scales for F and Eb will be tested on two octaves).


The Music Buffs is selling Raffle Tickets for their Annual Hawaii Trip. You can visit the Music Buffs website to purchase tickets.

Tickets will also be on sale for the annual Music Buffs Gala. This year, they will have a Casino night theme. All money raised during the Gala and the Hawaii raffle go to help support the thousands (yep thousands) of music students in the Batavia Public Schools.

Do You Have Pictures from the Concert?

I am looking for any pictures that you may have taken at our band concert of the students performing. If you could share a few pics (even if it is a close-up of your child)--that would be great. I'm hoping to make an iMovie of our year. If they are small enough, you can email them to me when you have a chance.