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Kinder & 1st

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How you can prepare your child for kindergarten

English Language Arts

Read with your child every day for at least 20 minutes.
Ask questions before, during, and after you read to help build comprehension skills.


  • writing and recognizing their name
  • recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters
  • writing uppercase and lowercase letters
  • saying the sounds each letter makes
  • recognizing sight words
  • recognizing and producing rhyming words


  • recognizing numerals 1-32
  • counting objects around the house
  • counting to 120 aloud
  • counting backwards
  • skip counting by 5's and 10's
  • recognizing 2d and 3d shapes
  • recognizing coins and their value
  • reciting and determining days of the week
  • reciting and determining months of the year


  • distinguishing seasons
  • observing and discussing weather
  • differentiating attributes of day and night
  • determining colors of objects
  • sorting objects by shape, size and color
  • classifying things as living or nonliving

Social Studies

  • describing physical characteristics of the places around us-such as lakes, hills, etc.
  • determining needs vs. wants
  • determining the importance of people in the community
  • discussing customs and traditions
  • using directional language such as right, left, up, down, over, under, in, out, behind, in front of, beside, between, etc.



  • locating letters and numbers on the keyboard
  • typing their last name and first name on the keyboard

Fine Motor Skills


  • tying their own shoes