SparklingKEYS Nov Celebrations!

"She leaves a little SPARKLE wherever she goes"

Let's Welcome Our NEW Team Members!

Please help me welcome these fabulous ladies to the Keep sisterhood!

Beth Decker

Carmen Spence

Shanae Pellin

Angela Sloan

Sally Henry

Michelle Dorn

Welcome to LEADERSHIP! November Promotions!

These ladies transformed their businesses and led their teams to success! Great job!

Our First Team Glam Getaway Earner!

Congratulations to our Star designer, Heather Williams! She is the very first designer on our team to earn the Glam Getaway trip for one! Her feet will be in the sand in just a few short months! Want to see where Heather is going? Google Aqua Live, click on images and get motivated!
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Congratulations to our POWER SELLERS!

These fantastic ladies rocked their businesses in November and earned a 5% pay increase as a power seller bonus! They are entered in to win our team giveaway!

Ashley Mayhew

Chelsea Payne-Sarhan

Diane Sohn

Rebecca Eckenroth

Christina Reischel

These ladies sold $3000+ and earned ANOTHER 5% increase in their pay! WOWZA!

Heather Williams

Rachel Allen

Jennifer Beets

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Jumpstart Earners!

These ladies earned their quickstart business booster kit by selling $500+ in their first 15 days!

Beth Decker

Sarah Borgia

Angela Sloan

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Qualified Designers in November!!

Congratulations! These designers qualified with $300+ in sales in November! They not only helped our team and their own teams qualify for promotions but they earned the 50% discount for the newly released key fobs on December 1st! Way to rock it out ladies!

Heather Enright $1000+ in sales

Julie Bowman $1000+ in sales

Melanie Newsom $1000+ in sales

Kere Knapp

Ashley Pascale

Beth Decker

Michelle Kennedy

Alyssa Hattingh

Shanae Pellin

Angela Sloan

Ashley Canyon

Sally Henry

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Angela Luminello

Founding Associate Director, Keep Collective

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Team SparklingKEYS