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Week 9- Term 2- Thursday 17 June 2021

From the Principal's Desk…

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back from lockdown number four. Our community has been hit hard by the storm last week with many of our families still without power – we all hope that is rectified as soon as possible. Our students have coped with all the disruptions to their learning very well. It was a relief to be able to have the school open on Tuesday to welcome everyone back. Overall teachers were pleased with the level of responsibility that our students were able to display with remote learning.

Student reports will be released to the community on Thursday of next week. They will be available through the Sentral portal. If you have access issues, please let Louise know, she is generally able to assist with all these inquiries. We have changed the format this year and have introduced sections within Literacy and Numeracy that deal with exactly what has been covered this semester. Teachers have then indicated whether a student is below, at, or above standard. Our comments are about general overall achievement, effort, and behaviour within the whole school, not just their classroom. The three specialist teachers have written an overview of what they have covered this semester and then looked at student effort and behaviour.

We will hold our final assembly for term two next Friday in the gym, this will start at 2pm as students finish school at 2:30 pm (early finish at the end of term). I am hopeful that parents will be able to attend pending the new Covid operations guide.

As you know some restrictions have been eased this week. I am waiting for the departmental operation guide to be updated so that we know what we can and cannot do. When this comes out and if anything changes within the school setting, I will advise you via dojo. We are allowed visitors onsite; this is limited to education at the moment. This includes visiting teachers, speech therapists, sporting coach for the tennis clinic and specialist music teachers. At this stage we are still not allowed to have our parent helpers back in the classrooms, but this may change for next week. Parents do not need to wear masks when outside collecting students unless they wish to. Masks are still required when coming inside our buildings.

We will be holding a special day for the last day of term, due to the amazing success of our SWPBS program and our student’s hard work. Sharyn Borg will have more information regarding this further on.

Fenna Hogg our teacher tutor (and art teacher), is expanding her program in term three and there will be some of our younger students working with her on reading and writing. It has been great to see the success of this program.

Eleanor Bruce our LLI (Levelled Literacy Intervention) teacher will be taking both term three and term four off for long service leave. Her program will be continued by Nadine Hamilton another of our education support staff, she has been undertaking training in LLI as well as shadowing Eleanor. We wish Eleanor all the best for a relaxing long service leave spending time with family. I also want to thank her for the magnificent work she undertakes with our students. She is the most patient and strategic teacher. Thank you! You will be missed, however I am sure Nadine will enjoy her new role.

Troy Stafford will be taking the first three weeks of term three off for long service leave as well and his face to face classroom teaching role will be undertaken by a CRT. Chris Kent will continue with his classroom and numeracy specialist role.

Rosie House will continue with her personal leave for all of term three and possibly longer.

Thank you for your continued support, and I hope that everyone has a restful holiday. Next term sees a very exciting event for HPS – our Whole School Concert. We will send out lots of information regarding this at the start of term.

Take care.

Tracey Robertson-Smith


Friday 18 June - Surrey Clothing Pop-up Uniform Shop 8:45 (approx 1 hour)

Thursday 24 June - Grade 5 & 6 to Sovereign Hill (pending Covid restrictions)

Friday 25th June - Last day of Term 2

- Blue Day (come dressed in anything blue - be creative)

- Assembly 2.00pm

- Students finish 2.30pm

- Bus Travellers finish 2.10pm

Monday 12 July - First Day Term 3

Monday 19 July - Division Cross Country - qualifying students

Friday 30 July - Surrey Clothing Pop-up Uniform Shop 2:45 pm (approx 1 hour)

- Tree Planting Day - Years 3 & 4

Monday 9 - Tuesday 17 August (7 days) - Middle School Swimming

Student Awards

34W: Jordan M - A wonderful effort working with ‘money’ in Maths during Remote Learning.

PE: - Sarah W: for practicing her tennis skills with the biggest smile on her face.

- James G: showing impressive determination and focus when practicing his racquet control skills.

- Maddison O: demonstrating amazing trapping and striking skills in tennis.

Tech Deck - By Noah 3/4W

“Mum look at this cool new Tech Deck,” Mark says taking it off the shelf.

“How much does it cost?” Mark wonders as he stares directly at the back.

“Mum can I get it?” he whines.

“Okay,” Sue says walking to the checkout.

Mark skips over to his mum in glee. At home Mark sets up his tech deck on his desk. As he begins to play his mum calls him for dinner. “Okay,” Mark calls back. “Buzzzz,” an annoying fly comes straight through the window, hops on the tech deck skateboard and starts messing around doing cool tricks like kickflips. Mark finishes his dinner and goes back up to his room. Mark looks at the fly, the fly looks at Mark. He runs to grab the fly swatter off the hook on the wall nearly ripping the whole wall open. He swats the fly so hard that it dies instantly. “Eat that,” Mark grunts.

“Honey,” Sue calls up to Mark.

“Yeah,” says Mark.

“The Legendary Fly movie is on.”

Mark continues to play with his tech deck after he cleans off the fly’s guts.

“Oh fine,” Mark grunts. He strolls downstairs. Sue is sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn on her lap ready to watch…….. The Legendary Fly movie. Mark joins her on the couch and she hands him some hot, buttery popcorn.

A news reporter appears on the screen and says, “The Legendary Fly from the famous movie appears to be missing.” A picture of the fly appears on the television screen. It looks exactly like the fly Mark swatted and squished.

Mark faints.

The Runaway Giraffe By Emmy 3/4W

One day at Hiddenville Zoo a zookeeper was trying to give a nice giraffe named Teddy a lovely bath but Teddy was not impressed. He did not like baths.

“Come on you silly, stupid giraffe,” said the zookeeper.

Teddy begins to get angry, but then he has a brilliant idea. He angrily picks up a giant pile of wet, yucky mud and throws it right at the zookeeper hitting him hard in the back.

Teddy starts to run very quickly, as fast as his long legs can carry him. The zookeeper starts to chase him all over the zoo. Through the tiger enclosure they go where the tigers look up from their dinner to see what all the noise and commotion is. Then past the snake pit, the snakes hiss at them as they pass. Then finally across the meerkats’ den interrupting them digging deep holes for their new den.

Teddy eventually starts to get very tired. His legs start to ache and he stops running. The exhausted zookeeper catches up to him. “Ha, I’ve got you now,” he says.

Teddy has nowhere to run and little energy left. Suddenly he spots a big oak tree.

“Hey, where are you going?” the furious zookeeper yells.

Teddy quickly climbs up the tree and gets stuck up there forever, and of course never has his bath.

Deep in the Water - By Ava 3/4W

I’m deep in the water with nowhere to go.

I’m in the deep water, I’ve lost my home.

I’m drowning and drowning in the deep blue sea.

I think I have nowhere to be.

The waves are crashing and smashing all around.

They’re pounding and pounding me to the ground.

But what if I stand up tall and never fall?

What if I walk away?

Now I’m walking free and it’s just meant to be.

It’s just me.

SWPBS (School Wide Positive Behaviour Support)

Congratulations to our students on collecting so many tokens for good behaviour. They have now filled the token holder over half way which means they are ready to receive their next reward.

Junior School Council expressed interest in having a dress up day so since the blue tokens (which represent learning) are leading the way, we have decided to have a “Blue Day” on the last day of school (Friday 25th June). Children can come dressed in anything blue, be creative!!!!

Congratulations to our wonderful students.

Sharyn Borg

Well-being Co-ordinator

Practical Idea of the Fortnight to Help Your Child with Mathematics

These are simple ideas to think about maths and use maths and mathematical language in everyday life.

When travelling encourage children to be in charge of maps; calculate times and distances and use the language of north, south, east and west. When out walking, notice the patterns of house numbers and predict the next house number.

This week, there is no Maths Puzzle. I hope you all have a great and much deserved mid year break.

Yours in Numeracy

Christopher Kent

Numeracy Leader / Senior School Leader (3-6) / Priority Leader (Happy, Active and Healthy Kids)

Hi Everyone,

We're currently collecting soft drink cans to recycle in P6I class. We have a can crushing device setup in class that helps students with their gross motor skills and build grip/forearm strength.

We're also learning about the recycling/composting process in class so students understand why it is important.

If you have any extra uncrushed soft drink cans and would like drop them at school that would be greatly appreciated!


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