Less is More EHA Wellness Challenge

October 1 - 31

About the Challenge

Less is More is offered by ESU 11 and EHA Wellness and runs October 1- 31. Just for signing up, you’ll receive a set of 4 mini prep bowls to organize ingredients for cooking and use them for “right sized” snacks. Each day during the program you’ll receive an email with a health tip and a healthy recipe to help you make good choices as you learn how to stay within your personal calorie limit each day.

The Less is More Challenge Guidelines are:

  • Fill half your lunch or dinner plate with fruits and vegetables.
  • Use your 8 oz mini serve bowls for preparing food, serving small portions, and limiting snack size.

If you complete the program by following the guidelines for 20 days during October, you’ll also be in a drawing for 500 $25 gift cards. It’s easy to track your behavior each day by following the link in your personal email or you can add the web app to your phone by logging into www.ehawellness.org with your phone or iPad and clicking the Web App link.

Year Round Challenges that You can Sign up for and will Start October 1st Include:

Sleep For Success

Hydrate For Power

Read The Label

A Good Night's Sleep

Misplaced you Code?

Please try to keep track of your code. If you are unable to locate it, you can either email me and I can email it to you, or go to www.ehawellness.org/code.

Please Let me know if you have any questions - Sara Mahalek