Shannon Wells Lucid

By:Alia Sondalle

Early Life

She was born on Jan. 14th, 1943 in Shanghai China. She had one sister (Anne) and two brothers (John&Joe) Her parents, Joseph and Myrtle Wells, were taken to prison camp when Shannon was only 6 weeks old. When she was 1 year old, her parents were freed and their whole family moved to Oklahoma where Shannon grew up. From there, she went to the University of Oklahoma, and received her Ph.D. for a biochemist in 1973. Then she married Micheal F. Lucid who was an oil company executive.

Who Was She?/Achievements

Shannon Lucid went to school to be a pilot, then was an astronomer who studied how the human body changes when in space. In 1978 she was one of the 1st women chosen to be an astronaut for NASA. She holds the world record for the most time in space by a woman. And the world record for time in space by either sex. She stayed in space for 6 months. Then, in 1985-1993 she had 4 shuttle flights/experiments where they deployed satellites and space probes in Jupiter to look for new forming crystals and life. Sge was awarded Congressional Space Medal of Honor in 1996. Then During 2002, she was named Chief Scientist for NASA.

Later Life

After her 30 years of working for NASA, Shannon finally retires. According to Sirs Discoverer, she left as a legend. After leaving the NASA company, nobody really knows what happened her. Everyone is still debating if she is dead or alive. She has never spoke up and told the world where her location is, and if she is still alive. If she still is alive to this day, she would be 70 years old! Nobody knows where she is and if she is even alive. All we know, is that she dies as a mystery.









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