What's it like to be one?


This career would be found under the branch of life science because its working with animals and living things.

Educational path

For this career you would need a degree in Pre- Veterinary Medicine. You would Learn science and mathematics and would have to major in a field of biology or chemistry. In high school it would be helpful if you took advanced courses in social studies, math, science, and english. You should also take classes in public speaking and statistics and probability.

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Training school and college

One college that you could go to is UW- College Manitowoc. It's a public school that currently has about 600 students attending. You need to attend two years for the degrees you would have, and the student to faculty ratio is 15:1.


ACT: 19 or higher

SAT: 959 or higher

About the job

A veterinarians job is to protect animals health through medicine or surgery. They mostly work with small animals or large animals. Small animals would include cats and dogs, large animals would include horses and cows. Other veterinarians may do research, teach, or work in the animal industry.

Is it common?

This sort of job is common in Wisconsin. There are over 500 major employers. One of these employers is the Fox River Animal Hospital in Appleton. Nationally


In Wisconsin veterinarians make $48,780 a year or about $16.50 an hour. Nationally they get $49,910 a year.


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To sum things up

This is a career I could see myself doing. I wouldn't really enjoy seeing animal sick or dying, but I would enjoy helping them get back to health.