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Create a Quiz, Give it to Students, and Grade

The tutorials below will teach you how to:

1. Create a quiz in Google Forms

2. Share the form with your students and install Flubaroo, (the thing that grades for you!)

3. Grade the quiz

These tutorials are step by step and very helpful. In under 20 minutes you can learn the entire process. Take in as little or as much at a time as you want, that's up to you!

Creating a Google Forms Quiz
Sharing a Google Form and Installing Flubaroo
Grading A Google Form Quiz using Flubaroo

*A big thank you to Abbey Wood at Athens Drive High School in Raleigh, NC for allowing me to use her YouTube videos!*

Abbey also provided the print instructions:

Here is what she had to say. "I love flubaroo. I am currently using it for short unit tests too. I make 4 versions and generate a QR code for each form. Then I just randomly distibute the codes to students to scan on test day. Students can re-assess by getting a new code and trying again. It's also my go-to for pre-assessments. I have had very few problems as compared to some other virtual quiz options."

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, and share your successes in giving and grading a quiz!

I am always happy to help and love hearing of ways I can help you better.

Let me know if you have a request for the next Tech it Easy. :)

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