Global Warming!!!!!!

By- Kara, Peyton, Cody, Hunter and Bobby

What is the main cause of Global Warming?

The Greenhouse effect is caused by burning fuel, cutting trees, the concentration of heat on Earth is increases to abnormal levels.

What are the consequences of increasing temperatures here on Earth?

Some consequences of Global Warming are raising sea levels, climate change, and melting of the Polar ice caps.

What is Global Warming's effect on nature?

Heating of the climate makes it harder for Nature to grow. If we keep cutting down trees we are going to speed up Global Warming.

What could we as humans do to help prevent or alleviate these consequences?

we as humans could try to burn less fossil fuels and gases in factories and another helping hand to the cause of the problem would be to go green and help recycle and everything else that goes along with it

Can we ever completely end Global Warming?

No, we can never completely stop Global Warming. It's a condition with far too many causes to be controlled. The water is raising so life will end eventually.