November is here!

Let the Christmas shopping begin!

Welcome to our October and November new starters!

Wow - what a time to join! This has to be one of the busiest times of the year and I love it especially when the books fly of your stand!
So welcome to you all - Bobbie Shiels, Laura Walmsley, Kirsty Mead and Sophie Garrod. I hope you enjoy your Usborne journey!

Why Should I Host a Party!

This is the season for parties and nothing could be easier then hosting a party yourself or having a friend/colleague/relative/complete stranger have one for you. The Top Ten reasons to have a party are:

  1. It is free - doesn't cost you anything
  2. It isn't an all day event
  3. It is the EASIEST way to sell books
  4. You don't need alot of stock to either host or arrange a party
  5. It can either be at someone's house or via Facebook
  6. You can get further events by using free prize draw slips
  7. You could get recruits from the parties - I have recruited a couple of party hosts
  8. They can be arranged really easily
  9. You earn 24% on every order
  10. Everyone loves a party - what have you to lose?

6 month rule

Please don't forget about the 6 month rule! Every 6 months you need to place an order/s of £100 or more to remain on the system.
If you haven't got an event coming up and you need to place an order, then have a look through the catalogue and get your children/relatives some presents - easy!

Usborne Gala and Conference

The end of November is the deadline for ordering your ticket to the Usborne Gala & Conference (I have just bought mine). The event is on 8th & 9th January 2015 at the Holiday Inn Stratford
The ticket price is £120 and this includes 3 course dinner plus wine, overnight accommodation in a twin room, full english breakfast, full day conference full of workshops, new titles, guest speakers and much more. There is also lunch and an opportunity to meet your other Usborne organisers (and me!).
If you joined this year then the cost of the ticket is only £80 which is superb value so don't delay and get your ticket booked - I would love to see you!

Natalie Fieldhouse

I have been with Usborne for nearly 10 years and I am currently a Group Leader with Usborne Books at Home.
I live in Aylesbury and am a wife to Chris and a mum to Bethany and Charlie (who are Usborne's biggest fans!)