Tailor Made Suits Sydney

Fabrics to Consider for Tailor Made Suits

Tailor made suits are usually worn on formal occasions and are used to create a good impression. These tailor made suits lead to people forming an impression of their wearer – whether justified or not. Since it is the most essential of all types of clothing worn by men on occasions like business meetings, conferences, weddings etc., the tailor made suit needs to be perfect and classic, to ensure that it enhances your appearance and attracts the right kind of attention from the others.

While these suits should be traditional as they never go out of style or give a dated look, the quality of the suit is also important. Going past these factors however, is the fabric the suit is made of. While the choices are many, the common fabrics used have been discussed below.

Linen: Suits made of linen are perfect for summer. This fabric is light and moisture resistant and can therefore, be machine washed without any deterioration.

Cotton: Cotton is considered to be a light and breathable material and hence, this suit is also perfect for summer wear. Suits for men made of cotton have a comfortable fit and feel.

Polyester: While this fabric is less expensive than others, its advantage lies in the fact that it does not shrink or wrinkle. Hence, this characteristic makes it the ideal fabric for men seeking the best quality for a cheaper price.

Flannel: Flannel is a soft and durable fabric that can not only be ideal for a good winter suit, but also is not heavy enough that it cannot be worn during spring or fall.

Wool: Woollen suits can be worn either in summer or winter as it is the most versatile of all fabrics. Durability and being resistant to wrinkles are two other benefits of selecting wool as the fabric for your suit.

Tweed: Tweed is similar to wool, though it is heavier than wool. Perfect for a winter suit, this fabric is thicker, warmer, durable and water resistant too.

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