Tangerine Tuesdays

Tangerine County Making History every Tuesday...


1)Paul and his family drive from Texas to Tangerine County

2) Paul and his family move into Tangerine County

3)Paul notices the smell of fire and smoke

4)After he and his mother call the fire department, they say it's natural

5)Erik and his dad visit Florida Univeristy's Football Stadium

6)Paul has IEP

7)The field is flooded

8)Paul is started to be afraid of Arthur as well as Erik

9)Paul meets Joey the Goalie

10)Paul was sent to Mr. Murrow's office

Erik vs. Paul

In the book Erik has a very different life compared to Paul. Erik plays football and has tons of friends, But Paul is a lot different, Paul wants to play soccer and he is called eclipse boy and makes little friends. Also something is different, Erik gets support from his dad and Paul gets support from his mom. But one thing is the same, they both are trying to achieve something. Paul is trying to get on a soccer team and Erik is trying to play professional football. That's comparing Erik and Paul's life.

Mike Costellos' Death

1)Mike was standing in the end zone

2)Something Exploded and sent Mike into the air

3)He hits the ground already dead

4)Everybody runs over shocked

5)Mike's little brother is struggling to get Mike's shoes off

6)Erik's dad calls the police

7)Cops, Ambulances, and the Fire department arrive

8) Erik and Arthur go to Erik's house and tells the story to his mom

9)Mike is pronounced dead

10)Paul catches Erik and Arthur joking about the incident in an inappropriate way.

Have fun at Tangerine County, FL!

3 Moya issues

Moya is a big part of Tangerine. One of the examples is that maybe if Erik didn't hang out with bad friends then maybe he would be a nicer guy. That is a great example of Peer Pressure. Another one is that maybe if Erik and his friends weren't so mean to Paul about his eyesight then maybe he would have better thoughts about himself. The last example is that if Paul didn't have IEP then he would have gotten on the soccer team,

Soccer Tryouts!

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 10:15am

Tangerine, FL, United States

Tangerine, FL

We are hosting a boys Tangerine County soccer team!!! We would love to have your child participate, but he needs to have these supplies in order to be accepted on the team:


-Ankle guards

-Water bottle

-Soccer ball

-Jersey (order online)

-Ankle socks


-Any other appropriate soccer gear

Good luck! Team list will show up on our website soon!