flowers for algernon

by mason spurrier


Charlie Gordon is a natural unintelligent adult. his parents try to make him smarter many ways. Finally they find a professor Nemur who put charlie under a surgery. He slowly get smarter. But there was a problem as he became smarter he started to love he teacher named Alice. He started thinking someone was watching him and it prevented him from making love to the woman he loved. He met this girl named fay how help him find out that his old self was in his conscience. He starts to notice algernon, a pet mouse that when through the same surgery as charlie, was starting to lose his intelligence. So charlie figures out charlie will lose his intelligence and it does happen to him slowly. As he loses he intelligence he visits his family. Over all charlie figures out that intelligence not as good as friends.

character analysis

Charlie Gordon is an adult who wants to be smart and have friends

Professor Nemur is a adult who wants to be famous for reversion natural retardation.

Alice is a person who wants to to be a great teacher, be with Charlie and help him

Fay is a person who wants to be a proffesonal artist and she loves to dance

conflict/ resolution

The conflict is character vs self. Charlie's conflict is that he is intelligent but can't get friends this solved out the end when he becomes dumb again.


The theme of this story brains is not everything. my proof is that when charlie got smart he started to lose everything.

book review

I would rate this book review would be 5 out 5. I would recommend this book to every one because it is a great book and it is very informational.
Flowers for Algernon-part 1

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