Lights, Camera, Aquarium

Is your aquarium ready for its closeup?

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The Prize:

- 36" x 24" Canvas Print of your Photo provided by mpix!

The Rules:

- Take an awesome photo!

- Create an account.

- You can submit photos to the site one of two ways:

1. Create an aquarium and upload the photo to your aquarium

2. Find a species in our database and add a photo to it.

- There is a link button on the bottom right of each photo when you zoom into it. (e.g.

- From the photo's permalink, submit it to Reddit at the top right corner of the page.

- Post to /ReefTank!


- Highest up voted photo hosted in /ReefTank that is hosted on between Mar 15th, and Mar 24th will be crowned Winner!

For the Users:

- Chance to win a prize, share your awesome photos, and get some Karma!