Around the Fire BY: Ted Berrigan

Marissa Masella and Trini Parray

What I’m trying to say is that if an experience is

proposed to me—I don’t have any particular interest

in it—Any more than anything else. I’m interested in

anything. Like I could walk out the door right now and go some

where else. I don’t have any center in that sense. If you’ll look

in my palm you’ll see that my heart and my head line are

the same and if you’ll look in your palm you’ll see that it’s

different. My heart and my head feel exactly the same. Me,

I like to lay around of a Sunday and drink beer. I don’t feel

a necessity for being a mature person in this world. I mean

all the grown-ups in the world, they’re just playing house, all

poets know that. How does your head feel? How I feel is

what I think. I look at you today, & I expect you to look

the same tomorrow. If you’re having a nervous breakdown, I’m

not going to be looking at you like you’re going to die, because

I don’t think you are. If you’re a woman you put yourself

somewhere near the beginning and then there’s this other place

you put yourself in terms of everybody. “The great cosmetic strange-

ness of the normal deep person.” Okay. Those were those people—and

I kept telling myself, I have to be here, because I don’t have

a country. How tight is the string? And what is on this particular

segment of it? And the photographer, being black, and the writer,

me, being white, fell out at this point. And he didn’t want to

look at it—I mean it’s nothing, just some drunk Indians riding

Jersey milk cows—but I wanted to see it, I mean it was right

in front of my eyes and I wanted therefore to look at it.

And death is not any great thing, it’s there or it’s not. I mean

God is the progenitor of religious impetuosity in the human beast.

And Davy Crockett is right on that—I mean he’s gonna shoot a bear,

but he’s not gonna shoot a train, because the train is gonna run

right over him. You can’t shoot the train. And I always thought

there was another way to do that. And it is necessary to do that

and we bear witness that it is necessary to do it. The only distinction

between men and women is five million shits.

The movie Life of Pi relates to "Around the Fire" because both talk about the choices you make, decide your future. For example when Pi tries to train the tiger to listen to him so he doesn't get eaten when he goes on the boat. Also in "Around the Fire" the author says that things that might seem necessary to do might only distract you from your ultimate goal.
Arnold Schwarzenegger - "Who do YOU want to be in life?"
This video relates to the poem because as Arnold talks about if you don"t have determination you won't get far in life. In the poem Ted talks about how he could walk out of the door right now and go somewhere else, but in reality it would be really unethical.
In life the road less traveled by is often the harder path but in the end the results are worth it. This is apparent in the poem when Ted talks about having a nervous breakdown, your not going to die because what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.