The Pulse of the Nation

Week of September 28

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

Great job to Carol and Helen, who along with Sarah took all the Mandarin students in the district to a World Culture fair at Miami University. Sarah Cook - A HUGE EXTRA THANK YOU!!!

Be certain to finish your safety training videos sent to you from Central Office and Public Works - due date is WEDNESDAY.

PERSONAL DAYS: I want to remind each of you that you have FOUR personal days. Two of the days are for private concerns and two you need to state a reason for your absence. Please know if you request a personal day it will only be able to be approved if we are able to obtain a substitute for your classroom. This Friday we are already at 13 subs, so unfortunately we will be unable to approve these days late Thursday once we have obtained enough support. We appreciate your understanding and are trying our best to fill these positions.

We have only had 42 staff members out of 128 join the Nagel PTA. For many years we have had 100% participation. It would certainly be fantastic if we could show them our support once again as they have been extremely generous to our building. You can easily click this link and pay right on line, or leave a check with Cheri and she will get it to the PTA. Thank you for your support!

The Forest Hills Biometric Screening Event is back and more times have been added. To remind all of you, THE Nagel Nation was the WINNER of that great lunch last year. Let's be sure to have a repeat win!!

How to Register:

We believe My Learning Plan and AESOP are chatting once again. However, we need to you be cognizant of any days you submit that you have received confirmation of a substitute being assigned for you.

We have a Nagel neighbor who has the past five years of National Geographic magazine she would like to donate. If you would like them please email Jodie.

Mercy HealthPlex has some special offers for you and for your kids. Please see flyers hanging in the copy workroom in the LC.


September 29 - Conferences - 4:30

September 30- WEB Coordinator Meeting 2:30

October 7 - SAM's Club in Express Cafe for Membership 10-12

October 7 - Team Leader Meeting - 2:30

October 7 - Advisory Rep Meeting - 2:30

October 28 - Staff Meeting - Insurance Open Enrollment - 2:30

The Bailey Special

#1: Culture and Climate Student Groups

I would like to meet with a few small groups of students from time to time this year to discuss their take on the culture and climate of Nagel. Can you think of a student (or a couple) from your Advisory that would be a good candidate to share their experience at Nagel (and perhaps offer a few suggestions)? Please take a moment to share via this link.

#2: Aspire Testing Update:

Aspire Testing will begin in November. Here is a link to a pretty comprehensive resource (sort of like a table of contents for Aspire). This would make a great Google bookmark or add to your Symbaloo.

Contained within this resource is information on Exemplar Items/Practice Items with specific links and student log-in information. Here is a direct link to these exemplars. These are very helpful for students to get acquainted with the test design layout and how to navigate through the tools. Great opportunity for warm-ups and/or if students have any extra time in class.

#3: AIR Testing Update:

Here is the link to the new Ohio State Practice Tests/Resources. However, not all grade levels or subjects are available yet. We've been told that it will be early October. We will be taking the AIR (for State Testing) in the Spring (only) this year.

Lizzy's Academic Advice

Item #1 - Conferences- TUESDAY. Be certain you have communicated with any families you have not heard from and encourage them to come and meet with you.

Item #2 - Please send me the list of students your team would like moved into or out of Math Acceleration by this Wednesday. Make sure you have contacted parents about any of these movements.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.

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Tech Bytes

Computer Parent Signature Forms

All students must have a computer permission slip on file in order to check out a computer. Please remind your students that if they have not already turned one in at the beginning of the school year, they need to turn in a signed copy to the LC. Click Here for a copy. Students can also access a copy on Schoology under the resources page on Nagel Nation. If you are an advisory teacher and you have not yet turned these into the LC please do so ASAP.

Consider Using the LC

Reserve the LC by emailing Melissa Huxtable: There are still a lot of openings for next week (week of 9/28)! Check out the calendar HERE

Microphones on School Provided Devices

We have had issues for some time now as it relates to the microphones on our school provided Lenovos. We are excited to announce that there is now a patch to fix these problems so that microphones record clear audio. Kyle will be sending out information for students and staff later this week.

Mark's Minutes

Volley For The Cure is almost here! Friday October 2. Here is the line-up for the evening:

7th grade will start at 4 PM sharp!

8th grade will start immediately following the completion of 7th grade.

Each grade will be playing each other (silver vs. blue) 3 games to 15. Following this, each grade will be playing their teachers 2 games to 15.

Courtney has ordered shirts. If you would like to buy one, they will be on sale during lunch beginning Tuesday. Please stop by and join in the fun even if you are not playing!!

Athletic events for week of 9/28-10/2

Monday 9/28 - 7/8 Volleyball Blue hosts Kings

Wednesday 9/30 - 7/8 Volleyball Silver hosts Loveland

Thursday 10/1 - 7/8 Football Blue hosts Loveland