Industrial Revolution


By: Ashley P. (7th period)

About the first telephone

The first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in March of 1876. It was the first communication device, It was used to make people's lives easier by not making people write letters. It was something that the world needed in their daily lives. It made everybody's life easier and it still makes it easier for us today. Without Bell's invention, we would still be writing letters.


Alexander Graham Bell

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Who was Alexander Graham Bell?

Alexander Graham Bell was born in Endiburgh, Scotland in 1847. He was a Scientist best known for inventing the telephone. He worked at a school for the deaf and during that time, he was working on a project that would change the world. Alexander Graham Bell died in 1922, but he has still changed the world as we know it today.

Was this invention important to the Industrial Revolution?

This invention was important to the industrial revolution. This invention was important because it changed people's lives. It was important to people's lives by making it easier to contact people instead of using paper and a pen. It was also helpful because it could help with urgent messages. What I mean about urgent messages is if you need to ask or tell someone something immediately, you can talk to them on the phone instead of talking to them face to face.

How is this invention used today?

This invention today is used for many things besides calling people. It is used for, calling, texting, playing on apps, etc. There are telephones today that are not even an inch thick! There are house phones, wall phones, smartphones, and much more! I can very much tell that this invention has changed so much!