South America Created By: Daija Joyner A2

Products of Argentina

  • Beef
  • cattle and sheep is important
  • produce ( apples, grapes,milk, potatoes, poultry meat, and tea)
  • cereals ( wheat,corn,oats and barley)
  • Oil seeds( soybeans and sunflower)

Food customs or beliefs and holidays

Carnival occurs prior to lent in Argentina. All the different regions perform different acts for this holiday. In Salta, the “zamba” and “carnavalito” dances are performed in interesting attire. In the Northeast Argentine region people sing with instruments.

La Fiesta de la Vendimia, which is referred to as the grape harvest, is a three day festival of blessing for the grapes used to make wine. First weekend of march

The Harvest of Fish festival takes place at Mar del Plata. People dress up as sea creatures and parade along with the Queen of the Sea

Friendship day or friend day July 20th by going out , giving presents or sending cards