Cabell Chargers

Week of April 4 - April 8 Vol.1 Edition 29

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Cabell will be a premier 21st century school that caters to the needs of the whole child in a vigorous personalized learning environment.

Cabell is going Global!!

For two consecutive years, the "Cabell Chargers" are going to Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee. This past Saturday at the State Finals, in Anna, Texas, the talented group led by their coaches Linda Anderson and Abby Farmer gave a dazzling performance in the Musical Mash Up contest capturing 1st place and also winning the special creativity award. The team built a light weight wood structure (that makes music) which held up to 630 lbs. They wrote and performed a pantomime with costumes and props, and recited it in English, Spanish and Filipino. Most importantly students learned to work as a team and problem solve. Their work serves as a unifying force between parents, the school and the wider community as is expressed in these words, "Get ready to spend some money on sending the FIRST PLACE team to Globals"-Dr. Joan Hughes. They make us all proud.

In recognition of their hard work and victory, we are inviting all staff and students to come out and line the corridors on the first floor at 2:45 PM as the DI team takes a "lap of honor". I will initiate the proceedings with an announcement over the PA system.

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W.T. White Street Fair

My gratitude goes out to all staff and students who went out to the Fair on Saturday at W.T. White. It was a swell time! We sold all of the nachos (a hit with fair-goers). A special thank you to Ms. Garay, who got there early and opened up the stall and sales. We couldn't do this without the leadership of Ms. Estrada, community liaison and Ms. Claudia, PTA/Volunteer. Hats off to them!
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We want to thank all staff and students for a very successful 1st rounding of STAAR testing. Everyone followed to the T the plan that was in place ensuring that we created the best testing environment for our 4th and 5th graders. We had no make-ups because all of our students were present and on time to school. We now shift gear as we prepare for Terra Nova (lower grades), Student Surveys, ACP's and STAAR (2nd round). We will do equally great.

Action Required

  • Pre-K3, Pre-K and Kinder enrollment, ALL WEEK, Auditorium, 7:30 - 4:00 pm
  • Staff Meeting, Monday 4/4, 3:15pm, Rm 114

On the Horizon...

  • During April & May, Construction - the abatement contractor will work after school hours, in the crawl space, installing a make safe area for the contractors to work
  • April 4-8, All day, 3YO Pre-K/Pre-K/Kinder enrollment
  • 2Rev visit to Cabell (SQR), April 6, 8-10 am
  • 3rd and 4th Mock STAAR, April 11-12
  • April 21st, Construction - Boxes will be delivered, Move Solutions will distribute to classrooms
  • April 25th @ 3:15 PM - Construction, Pack meeting , conducted by John Conway, Rm 114
  • May 5th, Cinco de Mayo Celebrations @ Cabell

Habits of Mind: Take responsibility for your actions.

The overarching theme of this habit is that we have a great deal of control over our actions and must therefore expect the positive or negative consequences resulting from those actions. Similarly, it is the individual who is the most responsible and accountable for learning that which is being taught.

Mission Statement

our mission is to promote student success through a high quality education. For every child to succeed, we must hold students and ourselves to high expectations. Only the courageous pursuit of excellence will lead to success.