March Madness!

Week of March 16th

This week...

We had a very exciting week in first grade!

In reading we read nonfiction stories about different countries. While we read we focused on the facts and details in the stories. We also learned about what the table of contents does and how the glossary can help a reader.

In math this week we have continued with our unit on measurement. We reviewed nonstandard measurement and presented our measurement projects to the class. We also learned about time to the nearest hour and half hour. FInally, we used time stampers and wrote down times and what we did at each time.

In STEM, we got through the CREATE phase! We chose 3 scoops of earth material and created a mortar. We then had to use 30 rocks to create a 3 inch wall. We let our walls dry overnight. Finally, we tested out their strength using a demolition ball. We all found that we need to improve our process!

Finally, Andre was teacher for the day! He made a PowerPoint presentation about different countries. He incorporated music and food into his presentation as well! AWESOME job Andre!

Our St. Patrick's Day Dance was a huge hit! Please check out the video clip before of some of the fun and go to TWITTER for full coverage!
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Math Madness!

Students are learning about measurement in math! They created projects that focused on different measurement methods. All of the projects were very unique and everyone did a wonderful job! We have two students who need to go next week so be on the lookout for their projects on our next SMORE!


We created our walls this week and did our first demolition tests. Some of our walls made it the 3rd level while others were unable to create a successful wall to demo. We will be improving our process and creating new mortar and walls next week!

Andre is Teacher of the Day

Andre taught us about different countries using a PowerPoint presentation! He also taught us about their music and let us taste test food from each country!
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Jump Rope Project!

I sent this via email as well! But this is a wonderful project that Miss Moser and Mr. Wyatt created! (an explanation to the video is in the email!)