Nitrogen was discovered by a Scottish Physician that went by the name of Daniel Rutherford in 1772. Its makes up about 78% of the earths atmosphere, which contains a estimated 4,000 trillion tons of gas.

3 Properties

Boiling Point: -195.8 Degrees C

Melting Point: -210 Degrees C

Vanderwaals Radius: 0.092


Nitrogen is used to make nitric acids, fertilizers, and explosives

3 compounds with nitrogen

Nitrogen Triflouride: NF3

Nitrogen Trichloride: NCl3

Nitrous Oxide: N2O

Atomic Number/Mass

Atomic number: 7

Atomic mass: 14.0067

No. each particle

Protons: 7

Neutrons: 7

Electrons: 7

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# of valence electrons

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Reaction Type

Synthesis,6Li(s)+N2(g) --> 2Li3N(s)

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Mole Ratio




Sodium Nitrate: NaNO3

One ionic bond between sodium and oxygen

Two polar covalent bonds between nitrogen and each oxygen.

Percent Comp of each element: 1.16%


Acrostic poem:

N- Nitrogen

I- Is

T- The

R- Realest

O- Original

G- Gangster

E- Ever


Items that have nitrogen in them- Fertilizers, toothpaste, and detergents

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