save the world grow a garden

/or grow a plant

save us, save your pets,save the world with photosynthesis

are promble in the world is we're cutting down to many trees tree give you oxgen why would you want to cut them down and we keep them alive so they don't want u cutting them down.photosynthesis is how we as we people live and grow.

photosynthesis the importantace of our suviarl on earth and engery transfrom and proccess of photosynthesis

photosynthesis give you oxgen. we need oxgen to suvrivie.Thermal engery is going into a simple plant.Also know in a dirgram as light engery/sun give the plant carbon dixion and it give us oxgen.sun and water and, co2 /carbon dixon make the plant grow

what what what do plants need to suvrive and photothiesis produce what and whats the frommaula

what do they need to suvrive.Ill tell u what you need. you need water ,sun, carbon dixion.ill tell what produces.It produces carbon dixion /6co2+6co2+c6h12o6=6o2

plant get there engery from where and plant are imporantant to animals why andyou can find plants where on the food chain

They get there engery from the sun.There imporant to the ainmals, beacause some plants are edable to animals. the top circle on the food chain.