Road Safety

Emily Smith


If you drive above the maximum speed limit or you drive too fast for the weather, road and/or traffic conditions, even if the posted speed limit is not exceeded – you are speeding! Speeding is one of the most commonly reported factors associated with crashes, yet, few drivers view speeding as an immediate risk to their personal safety.

How is it affecting young drivers?

  • Those most commonly involved in speed related crashes are males aged 17-39.
  • More than 1000† people are either killed or injured in speed crashes every year.
  • Around half of all speed related fatalities happen at just 10km/h or less above the speed limit.
  • 5 km/h over the speed limit doubles your chances of being involved in a crash.
  • Some young drivers can mistakenly believe they are sufficiently skilled to control the vehicle at high speeds. Some see speeding as socially acceptable and are more likely to speed in their local area.
  • 85 per cent of drivers involved in fatal speeding crashes are males.

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