RC Mac Community News

April 22-24

The RC MC Teddy Bear is all set for the parade! See below for a map.

Earth Day Story


Egg in a Basket

Simply cut a hole out of the centre of the bread.

Place butter in a skillet over medium heat.

Place bread into skillet and crack an egg into the hole.

Cook to desired consistency.

Don’t forget to toast up the bread circles to use

for dipping!

Easy recipes for kids- sponsored by our EA Team!

Eggs and breads are allergens for some RC students- stay safe in the kitchen.

If you have a family recipe to share please email arawlings@sd43.bc.ca

RC Mac Parade- Thursday 11:30-12:00

Big picture

Parade Route:

1. RC MacDonald Start

2. Balfour

3. Latimer

4. Bray

5. Burian

6. Hickey (LEFT)

7. Dartmoor

8. Rogate

9. Dartmoor

10. Ashurst

11. Bognor

12. Hickey (LEFT)

13. LeClaire (LEFT)

14. Sorrento

15. Sicamous

16. LeClair

17. Hickey (LEFT)

18. Latimer (LEFT)

19. Byng

20. Warrenton

21. Hickey (LEFT)

22. Austin

23. Bromley

24. Crawley

25. Mariner to Hickey to Balfour

26. RC MacDonald Finish