Novice Ballet- Fri 645-730pm

Festival Reminders

Quick Reminders

Remind 101

Please take a moment and sign up for text notifications. This is a really handy app I use for reminders. You can also message me on this once you have signed up. I will use this to let you know where the rehearsal room is for our festival performances, reminders for the condensed schedule weeks etc...
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Contact Information

Please take a moment to review that all the contact information we have on file is correct. It is important that we have the correct information on file in the event of an emergency.

Festival Season

Schedule During Festival Weeks

- to ensure we are seeing our students in between festival performance class schedules for April will be adjusted. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding

- This means your class will most likely be adjusted to a different day of the week and time. We do our best to keep it as regular as possible however it is not always possible as we have to get 5 days of classes condensed often down into 3 days.

- More details will be attached to your April newsletter

Performance Times

- Times are being added to your Studio Director Account as they come in. Please remember they could change. Any changes will be made to your Studio Director account.

- Solos/Duets- please read the emails sent by the office carefully for your dates/ times.

Dropping Off/ Picking Up Your Dancer

- Please meet your teacher in the rehearsal room 1 hour before their scheduled performance time

* Festival can run up to 30 minutes ahead of schedule

* This allows us to warm up and rehearse properly. As well as problem solve any last minute issues.

- After our category is complete and adjudication is over please meet me back in the rehearsal room. This is a very busy space so we ask

* that if you choose to take pictures please do so in the lobby or the hall way

* be respectful to the other groups/ routines rehearsing as you enter and exit the room. Please walk around the perimeter of the room so no one is bumped into or disrupted.

Festival Hints

- Get ready as much as you can at home. Dressing rooms will be busy with the older dancers who don't have time to return to their home/hotel to get ready for their next routine.

- Admission- Advance tickets are not required for festivals. There will be an admission table in the lobby. Please purchase a day pass from there upon your arrival.

- Please give yourself time to park. The DCC is a very busy multi use facility and quite often has multiple events happening on the weekends especially.

- Admission- Most festivals will charge an admission fee. Please make sure to bring cash with you to make it easier on yourself. Dancers do not pay an admission fee.

- If you have any questions or concerns about the festival please send an email to the office. Festival rules state that concerns must be submitted in writing by the studio owner.

- If you decide to stay and watch other categories please ensure that your dancers costume is covered up. A housecoat is a easy and quick way to keep your dancer's hidden while in the theatre

Theatre Etiquette

- Please be respectful of the roped off area around the adjudicator and writer. Do not sit in this area.

- Do not enter or exit the theatre while performances are taking place

- Help everyone find a seat during peak watching times by not leaving a single empty seat between you and the next party. Quickly being able to seat the audience also helps festivals stay on time.

Santana Dance Festival

Thursday, April 7th, 8am to Sunday, April 10th, 9pm

5 Saint Anne Street

Saint Albert, AB

Closing Time

Saturday April 9th


Please meet in the rehearsal room at 310pm

Sundance Dance Festival

Tuesday, April 12th, 8am to Monday, April 18th, 8pm

Dow Centennial Centre Fort Sask, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada

Closing Time

Wed April 13th


Please meet in the rehearsal room at 550pm

For The Love Of Dance

Thursday, April 21st, 9am to Sunday, April 24th, 9pm

Dow Centennial Centre Fort Sask, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada

Closing Time

Friday April 22nd


Please meet in the rehearsal room at 405pm

Performance Times

Performance times are subject to change. Please check your Studio Director profile for the most current updates.


-Character costume

- Pink Leather Ballet Slippers

- Ballet Pink Tights - unless your character costume has leggings/pants

* Please no underwear underneath their costumes.Bodysuits are not cut the same as underwear and we can often see it peeking out. This is why dance tights are built with a liner in them.

Hair, Make Up and Accessories


Ballet bun

* optional- headpiece if it suits the character

Please make sure your headpiece is securely pinned so it does not fall out on stage

Make Up: Studio Make Up and/or to suit character

Brown Eye Shadow

Pink Blush

Red Lipstick


Eyebrow powder- if your dancer is fair

Due to the bright stage lights it is important to highlight dancers facial features so that we can see their expressions on stage :)

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