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IDVA Newsletter - February 2019

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  • March Statewide Event Information
  • February Statewide Event Photo Slideshow
  • Upcoming ISAT & IRI Assessments
  • January Month of Goals Recap
  • February Month of Safety
  • IDVA's Spring Bullying Prevention Activity
  • Pulse Check Survey Results
  • Learning Coach University
  • Coach-to-Coach Sessions
  • NCAA and IDVA
  • Technical Tips Library
  • Past Issues of The Howl


  • Message from K-5 Principal Keri Brown
  • Learning Coach Tip: Practice Keyboarding Daily
  • K-5 Reading Tips

6-12 SCHOOL:

  • Calling Talented Seniors to Perform at Graduation
  • IDVA Scholarships
  • Counselor Connect
  • Yearbook
  • 2019 Senior Graduation Slideshow
  • U.S. Selective Service System


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Friday, March 8th, 2019


  • All are welcome. Remember, per IDVA policy, all students must have a parent/guardian with them at all times during school events.

  • Please bring exact cash for admission.

  • There are no classes scheduled on event days.

  • All events are optional.

  • Photo Disclaimer: Please understand that photos may be taken and could be used by K12 and/or Idaho Virtual Academy. If you would not like yours or your child’s picture taken, please let an IDVA staff member know at the event.

We want all students to have the opportunity to join an event. If cost is keeping you from being able to join, please email Lisa Stein

Treasure Valley

What: Board Game Day

Where: Treasure Valley Learning Center

Address: 1965 S. Eagle Rd. Ste. 190, Meridian

Cost: Free

Check-in: 9:30 am MT

Start Time: 10:00 am MT

End Time: 12:00 pm MT

Notes: Please bring your favorite board game or card game to share. We will also have a Book Swap. Please bring books to exchange with your IDVA friends.

RSVP: Click here to sign up.


Magic Valley

Where: Jump Time

Address: 302B 3rd St. South, Twin Falls

Cost: $7.00 per person

Check-in: 10:00 am MT

Start Time: 10:30 am MT

End Time: 12:30 pm MT

RSVP: Click here to sign-up.


North Idaho

What: Read Across America Event

Where: Silver Lake Mall Community Room

Address: 200 W. Hanley Ave., Coeur d'Alene

Cost: Free

Check-in: 9:30 am PT

Start Time: 10:00 am PT

End Time: 12:00 pm PT

Note: There will be games, activities, and a showing of the movie Horton Hears a Who

with popcorn. Also, we will have a Book Swap. Please bring books to exchange

with your IDVA friends.

RSVP: Click here to sign-up.




What: Rock Climbing Lesson

Where: University of Idaho Recreation Center

Address: 1000 Paradise Creek St., Moscow

Cost: $7.00 per person

Check-in: 9:30 am PT

Start Time: 10:00 am PT

End Time: 12:00 pm PT

Access: Please enter through the main entrance. Inform the desk staff that you are with the climbing group. You will be let into the facility.

Parking: Visitor parking costs and Day Permits can be found HERE. The primary parking is to the west of the main entrance. Cost is $1.50 an hour. Day permits are $3.00.

Clothing: Wear athletic clothing. Closed toe shoes required.

RSVP: Click here to sign-up.


Eastern Idaho

Where: Geronimo's Trampoline Park

Address: 423 E. Chubbuck Rd., Chubbuck

Cost: $8.00 per person. Geronimo's socks must be worn by jumpers. Cost is $3.00.

Check-in: 9:30 am MT

Start Time: 10:00 am MT

End Time: 12:00 pm MT

After the event: Please feel free to join your friends next door at The Soda Barn for a cookie, soda, and socializing. The Soda Barn is offering IDVA students a cookie and soda for $3.41.

RSVP: Click here to sign-up.



Where: Lava Hot Springs

Address: 195 N. Center, Lava Hot Springs

Cost: $4.50 for ages 3-11, $5.00 for ages 12+

Check-in: 12:00 pm MT

Start Time: 12:00 pm MT

End Time: 2:00 pm MT

RSVP: Click here to sign-up.


February Events Photo Slideshow

On Friday, February 8th, IDVA students, families, and guests spent a wonderful day together at events across our state. We bowled, climbed, mini-golfed and just enjoyed gathering together. New friendships were formed and much fun was had! Check out the photo slideshow of the events!

Statewide Events are planned for the second Friday of every month except January and April.

We hope to see many IDVA students and families at future events!

Upcoming ISAT and IRI Assessments

It’s that time of year again! In April and early May, all Idaho public school students, including Idaho Virtual Academy students, in Kindergarten through 3rd grade will be taking the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI), and students in 3rd through 8th and 10th grades will be taking the Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT). You will receive communications about testing locations and times in the coming weeks.

Students - We know that you have been working hard throughout the year! You have set goals for yourself. By engaging in your lessons and attending your classes, you are doing exactly what you need to do in order to meet those goals! This spring is your opportunity to show what you have learned when you sit down to take the IRI or the ISAT! We are excited to see the growth you have made!

Why is it important to do your best on these required tests? *

Testing is a part of learning, and lets students “show what they know” and what they can do.

  • Test results show student strengths.
  • Test results show student opportunities for growth.
  • Testing each year helps a student become a strong test-taker. The more tests students take, the more familiar and comfortable they will feel, and test performance will improve. Performing well under pressure is an important skill each student will need and will use often in life.

All tests, including state assessments, provide information that helps us help students succeed.

  • Test results are important indicators of academic progress. Tests help educators and parents set student learning goals and monitor progress. Test results help teachers and parents address student learning needs early in areas in which the student did not meet standard and focus instruction to build success leading into high school and beyond.

Taking state assessments can provide evidence that IDVA students are learning effectively and mastering grade level expectations in an independent, online and/or remote learning environment.


  • Student performance data helps IDVA administrators identify instructional strengths and weaknesses and make quality improvements to the program that will benefit students.
  • State assessment data is the primary “measurement” of student learning recognized and used by state and legislative officials to make decisions concerning public education. State assessment data on student performance is an important indicator of the success (or failure) of the IDVA option in public education.
  • Through testing data, we can affirm to the Idaho Public School Charter Commission and state legislators that IDVA is a viable alternative to the traditional “brick and mortar” option for student learning and cause them to continue supporting our school. Let’s ensure the longevity of school choice and IDVA in public education.

If you or your students are reluctant to participate in state exams, seek to understand why and determine if this is an opportunity for personal growth.

  • Help your students work through anxiety about testing. Let your student vent. Learn more about current state assessment processes and separate concerns and inaccurate concepts about testing from other issues at home or school. Discuss with your student the reasons he/she might fear tests or feel pressure to do well. Support and encourage personal goal setting and reward achievement.
  • Help your student relate assessment outcomes to his/her future success and career options. As professionals and parents, we share the duty and responsibility of ensuring our children are educated, skilled and contributing citizens, and realize their potential as lifelong learners. Earning a high school diploma is an important step towards becoming a self-sufficient adult. Meeting standards in core academic areas on state assessments is one of the requirements for receiving an Idaho State diploma. Secondary education programs and the U.S. Military require a state-certified diploma or GED, as do most entry-level jobs.

We need you to put forth your best effort on the IRI and/or the ISAT. Your scores do not label your worth as a person, but they do reflect what you are able to demonstrate on the days you test. Both the school staff and outside decision-makers use our school IRI and ISAT results to plan for our future as a school. We need your best effort to help us and others have the most accurate picture of Idaho Virtual Academy.

The best thing you can do to prepare for the spring tests is to continue attending your classes and ISAT prep sessions; continue working through your lessons; and continue asking your teachers questions. Everyone at Idaho Virtual Academy believes in you. Show Idaho what you know and can do on these tests!

Kelly Edginton

IDVA Head of School

*Adapted from CVA “Five Reasons State Assessments Are Important”

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As many of you know, we shared a survey with all students and families in grades K-12 in December, shortly before Winter Break. In the survey, we asked students to think about goals for the upcoming year, and almost 200 responded! Students shared a plethora of resolutions from wanting to eat more tacos, to building more Legos, to getting fit, to raising grades, to doing more art. Thank you all for taking the time to think about goals and to respond. Please now enjoy this short video which highlights the range of goals that students shared.

February Month of Safety

Families and students, February is a time that we’ve selected to focus on safety. This includes safety at home, in the community, and at school events. We hope you’ll join us in discussing and thinking about ways in which you already practice safe habits and ways in which you can learn and grow.

Next Tuesday, February 19, watch for an email about safety awareness and some ways you can be involved with our school’s conversation about this topic. Students will have the option to write about or create a poster to visually share what they do to stay safe.

IDVA's Spring Bullying Prevention Activity

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Student Created VLOG (Video Blog)

Topic: Share an idea or ideas that you and your peers can use to overcome bullying. Present your ideas in a 45 second video.

For example, you could share a story, list some ideas, read a poem or song you wrote that conveys the message. Or it can be a quick, fun idea. The video can be short, but be sure to include your name and grade. Note: You will need a webcam and a good microphone.

Instructions: Go to the Flipgrid site and add your school email to enter.

Once you’ve completed your video, a staff person will review before posting.

We will take up to 50 videos until March 28th and then share the final VLOG at our next assembly.

Team includes Mrs. Lecertua, Mrs. Stookey and Mrs. Shilling. If you have questions please contact Mrs. Shilling at

Need Help?: Watch this tutorial video on how to create a video for our VLOG.

IDVA Family Pulse Check Results

Thank you for those who completed the 5th Family Pulse Check Survey. These surveys give families an opportunity to offer feedback and request support. The collected information helps our school improve our programming.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to your teachers(s) and/or the school administration. You can find a list of staff and their contact information at this LINK.

Here are the results.

Number of 18/19 survey participants/response rate

Survey 1 – 905 participants /51% response rate

Survey 2 – 452 participants /31% response rate

Survey 3 – 323 participants/ 29% response rate

Survey 4 – 314 participants/ 23% response rate

Survey 5 – 326 participants/ 25% response rate

Please note:

  • Survey 1 and 2 results are update with each new student group that starts during the school year.

  • The following graphs are top 2 scores, meaning only respondents who chose either 7 or 6 (7 being the highest rating) were included in these percentages.
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Learning Coach University

K12 is passionate about helping Learning Coaches be successful. Learning Coaches of students enrolled in a K12-powered school have access to Learning Coach University, which includes interactive 30-minute sessions that cover relevant topics throughout the school year and provide an opportunity for Learning Coaches from across the nation to connect and learn—together. Register and join these tuition-free sessions hosted on Blackboard Collaborate™ (BbC). We look forward to serving you.


Tuesdays at 1:00 pm MT/12:00 pm PT


Roles and Responsibilities of the Learning Coach with Ms. Kelly Shanahan, North Carolina Virtual Academy Teacher and K12 Teacher Ambassador

February 19
As a Learning Coach, you play a vital role in your student's growth. From organization and communication, to daily tasks and resources, we want to help you develop a routine that best supports your student's learning. This presentation will focus on the roles and responsibilities of the Learning Coach. We will talk about the important actions that should be taken daily, what is expected of you as a Learning Coach, and how to effectively support your student to ensure a smooth and successful school year.

RSVP here

But What About Socialization? with Alison Miller, K12 Live Walk to Class Facilitator and Learning Coach
February 26
This session will provide tips and strategies for keeping students connected to their peers during the school year and beyond.

RSVP here

Overdue Tab Tutorial for LCs with Elementary Students with Ms. Kelly Shanahan, North Carolina Virtual Academy Teacher and K12 Teacher Ambassador
March 5
Want to help your student stay on track with their assignments and progress? In this session we will discuss the Overdue Tab in the Online School. Join us for some pointers on how to use the tab to stay up to date with all of your lessons as well as what to do when it appears on your plan. We will also focus on how to create "catch-up" plans to help your student get back on track when they feel the overdue tab has become a bit overwhelming.

RSVP here

Testing, Schmesting… What's the Big Deal? with Ms. Susie Ebie, Family Engagement Manager at Ohio Virtual Academy
March 12
Practical approaches to understanding state testing, reducing anxiety, and helping your student do his or her best.

RSVP here

Stress Reduction Workshop Series with Sara Mrozowsky, High School Counselor at Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy
Special Series: March 19, 26, and April 2
Do you ever find your student stressed out with no idea how to "get over it"? In this three-day workshop, we'll look at stress triggers, warning signs that your student is feeling overwhelmed by stress, resources and tools that can help manage school-related stress, stress management techniques to use in everyday life, and ways to help your student stay seated (e.g., during a test).

RSVP here

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Coach-to-Coach Sessions

K12 is passionate about helping Learning Coaches be successful. Learning Coaches of students enrolled in a K12-powered school have access to coach-to-coach sessions, which provide a platform for sharing best practices by Learning Coaches for Learning Coaches. Grab a cup of coffee and join us at the virtual table. These 45-minute sessions are held inside Blackboard Collaborate™ (BBC) throughout the school year.


Thursdays at 1:00 pm MT/12:00 pm PT

Hosted by

Rebecca Bohman, Learning Coach at Idaho Virtual Academy in partnership with Dr. Amy Boyd, K12 National Family Programming Team

RSVP here


Emotional Learning Through Mentoring
February 14
Learn about understanding what works for your family and student, being mindful of emotions and how those emotions affect learning, and cultivating a "family learning" mindset

Getting Your Clean House Back
February 21
Discover an effective way to teach life skills to your student and ensure they grow up to be self-sufficient and well-adjusted.

Managing Multiple Students
February 28
Get tips on helping your children set individual goals, encouraging learning independence and mentoring among siblings, and learning with younger siblings underfoot.

Keep on Rolling—Sustaining Momentum and Motivation
March 7
We'll focus on creating an environment for self-motivated students, award systems that work, and how to handle the "school slump."

Minimizing Distractions
March 14
This session covers getting your social network on board with family learning, mentoring your children by managing your own life, and helping your student focus.

March 21
We'll go over real "socialization" and what it looks like for online students, finding like-minded friends and associations, and using your community for socialization resources.


If your student is interested in pursuing college athletics, please, be aware that the NCAA has all K12 schools on “extended review” status. IDVA is a K12 school so is on extended review status with the NCAA. Students graduating from a K12 school applying for NCAA eligibility will be denied currently. After they are denied, they can work with the college Athletic Director to gain a waiver. K12 has helped students through this process and has noted that about 75% of these students do get the waivers.

If you have questions or would like to talk further, please, contact your school counselor.

Technical Tips Library

Technical Tips

Please click on the button for a links to a variety of technical tips.

Past Issues of the IDVA School Newsletter, THE HOWL


If you would like to read past issues of The HOWL, click here.


A Note from the K-5 Principal

Consistent Lesson Completion = Success!

As our teachers and I review progress each week, I wanted to take a moment to thank our students and their dedicated learning coaches for fidelity with completing your daily plan each school day. Our school has grown and changed over time, and perhaps one of the most significant changes has been the expectation to pace students to their curriculum and encourage the daily completion of the lessons as they appear. Students who are consistent in their lesson completion show a better understanding of the concepts they are learning and are better able to demonstrate this in multiple situations. We appreciate your effort and are proud to see IDVA students achieving great things in school and beyond!

Mrs. Brown

IDVA K5 Principal

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Practice Keyboarding Daily

Typing has become a necessity in our society. Along with that, there is an expectation for students to type in the upcoming spring state tests. Consider adding keyboarding practice to your daily school routine. The following website is a great resource. More information on the site can be found on the following page.

K-5 Reading Tips

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IDVA Scholarships

Idaho Virtual Academy is excited to announce $16,000 in scholarship funds to be awarded to outstanding graduating seniors this year. The scholarships are listed below. For more information about each scholarship, including the scholarship criteria and application process, please click here.

IDVA High Achievement Scholarship:

  • One award at $2,500

IDVA Academic Excellence Scholarship *(new)* :

  • One award at at $2,100

IDVA Janet Aikele Excellence in Online Learning Scholarship:

  • Three awards at $1,000

IDVA Odyssey Scholarship *(new)* :

  • Three awards at $1,500

IDVA First Generation Scholarship:

  • One award at $1,200

IDVA Career and Technical Education Scholarship:

  • One award at $1,200

IDVA Idaho Vision High School Scholarship:

  • One award at $1,500

Only one IDVA Scholarship will be awarded to a student.

Application Deadline: April 26, 2019

You are Invited to the Couselor Connect!

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Class of 2019 Graduation Slideshow - Submissions Needed

Seniors, please submit your senior photo AND a baby/childhood photo of yourself to be included in the senior slideshow at graduation.

Due Date: March 1, 2019

Send photos and questions to:

2018-2019 Yearbook

Photos are a great way to capture memories, so what better way to remember your teen years than with a yearbook? The yearbook class is proud to announce that we will be releasing another yearbook this year, for grades 9-12!

Yearbooks start selling online in April 2019, and are shipped directly to you! Yearbooks come in softback and hardback covers, and include 4 pages for each student to add and customize for their own. Exact costs have not yet been decided, but are estimated to be around $20 for a softback and $30 for a hardback, with $8.99 shipping. We promise it’s worth it, as we work all year to make sure that your yearbook will be perfect!

However, we need your help! We need pictures for our yearbook, and would love to have you in it! You can submit photos for the following sections, which are due by the dates they are listed under.

Submit your photos using this link and make sure you select the correct section:

  • Pictures Due Jan 27th
  • Senior Projects
  • Hobbies and Talents
  • Winter Sports
  • Prom (Pictures from spring 2018)
  • Winter School projects

Important: When uploading your photos, please be sure the file name includes your first and last name so we know who is who.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Contact our yearbook advisor, Mrs. Dietz, at

U.S. Selective Service

Attention all 17 and 18 year old young men:

Remember that when you turn 18, the law says you must register for the Selective Service.

Those who fail to register may be denied student loans, government jobs, and a driver's license in most states. In addition, if you are a male immigrant seeking to become a citizen, you must also be registered, regardless of your immigration status.

Click here to visit the U.S. Selective Service website.

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Have questions about your classes or our Idaho Virtual Academy school? Ask your IDVA teacher or staff.

Have technology questions? Ask K12 Customer Support.