Nuclear Fallout!

Key facts about "The Black Rain"

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Nuclear Fallout is not a popular environmental, but it is very important. I think this issue is important because it can effect the world in more than one way. You will find on this page information on, about, and how to prevent/combat the Black Rain.

What is nuclear fallout?

Nuclear Fallout (or simply fallout), also known as Black Rain, is the residual radioactive material propelled into the upper atmosphere following a nuclear blast or a nuclear reaction conducted in an unshielded facility. It's name comes from the action of it actually "falls out" of the sky after the explosion and shock wave have passed. It commonly refers to the radioactive dust and ash created when a their is a nuclear explodes.

This radioactive dust, consisting of material either directly vaporized by a nuclear blast or charged by exposure, is a highly dangerous kind of radioactive contamination.

Some of the biggest causes of Fallout...

How bad is it?...


"The Cold War may be over, but its legacy remains quite hot—and deadly. A new report estimates that fallout from open-air nuclear testing has killed more than 15,000 Americans and will cause at least 80,000 cancers."

This article talks about the long term effects of fallout.

New York City Example

A 150 kiloton bomb constructed by terrorists is detonated in the heart of Manhattan, at the foot of the Empire State Building. The bomb goes off without warning at noon time. It's a clear spring day with a breeze to the east.

This collection of slides explains an example of a 150Kt bomb going off in New York City.

Ground Zero II

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a nuclear bomb goes off in your city?

This application can predict the outcome of a nuclear attack of any type just about anywhere.

Levels of radiocarbon (C14) in the atmosphere 1945 - 2000. Image credit: Hokanomono.

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